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25 Interesting And Fun Facts About Gligar From Pokemon

Gligar is a dual type Ground and Flying Pokemon introduced in Generation II. It evolves into Gliscor when leveled up holding a Razor Fang during the night. Take a look below for 25 interesting and fun facts about Gligar.

1. Gligar is a purple, bat like Pokemon.

2. Its head and body are round and roughly equal in size.

3. It has long, triangular ears and triangular eyes with small pupils.

4. Two large pointed teeth protrude from its upper jaw, and a pink tongue is often seen lolling from its mouth.

5. Its arms are segmented at the wrists and end in large pincers.

6. Spread between its arms are two blue wing membranes, each tipped with a purple claw.

7. Its legs are thin and likewise segmented at the ankles, with its round feet having one claw each. 

8. Gligar has a long tail split into spherical sections, ending in a large, round stinger.

9. The female Gligar will have a smaller stinger than the male.

10. As shown in the anime, Gligar feed on Berries and can emit sound waves to detect obstacles and fly around them.

11. It glides smoothly and silently through the air with its limbs extended, and startles its prey and enemies by flying straight toward them.

12. It attacks by clamping onto its enemy’s face with its clawed hind legs and pincers, then jabbing it with its poisonous stinger.

13. Gligar lives in mountainous regions, making its nest along cliff sides.

14. When it is done gliding, it hops along the ground back to its nest.

15. Although Gligar could not learn Earthquake by TM in Generation II, a Gligar that knew Earthquake was a reward in Pokémon Stadium 2 for beating the rival in Round 2.

16. Gligar can be seen as a parallel to Sneasel. Both of them are dual-types, have the same base stat total, evolve into Pokémon that were introduced in Generation IV, and do so by leveling up at night while holding items both containing the word razor.

17. Gligar shares physical traits with bats, gargoyles, and scorpions. It may be based on the scorpionfly.

18. Gligar and Gliger are a combination of glide and gargoyle.

19. A group of Gligar appeared in Riding the Winds of Change!, where one was eventually caught by Ash. Gligar later evolved into Gliscor in Fighting Fear With Fear!.

20. Gligar debuted in The Superhero Secret. It was owned by a superhero named Gligarman, and later by his daughter when he retired from crime-fighting.

21. Morrison’s Gligar debuted in Saved by the Beldum. Morrison used Gligar alongside Growlithe in a Double Battle against Gavin where it was able to defeat Machamp and Marowak. Morrison used Gligar during his match against Ash and was able to defeat Grovyle, but Swellow was able to take Gligar down in a tie.

22. A Gligar appeared in Tricks of the Trade as one of the Pokémon seen at the Pokémon Swap Meet in Palmpona.

23. Multiple Gligar appeared in For Ho-Oh the Bells Toll!, where they protected the Tin Tower after Team Rocket stole the Crystal Bells on the top floor.

24. A Gligar appeared in The Legend of Thunder! as one of the Pokémon seen at a Pokémon Center.

25. A Trainer’s Gligar appeared in Off the Unbeaten Path, where it was seen participating in the Pokémon Orienteering competition.

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