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26 Interesting And Fascinating Facts About Jack Reacher

Jack Reacher is a 2012 American action thriller movie written and directed by Christopher McQuarrie, based on Lee Child’s 2005 novel One Shot. The movie stars Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher, with Rosamund Pike, David Oyelowo, Richard Jenkins, Jai Courtney, Werner Herzog and Robert Duvall. Take a look below for 26 more interesting and fascinating facts about Jack Reacher.

1. The movie was filmed entirely on location in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

2. The musical score was composed by Joe Kraemer, performed by the Hollywood Studio Symphony and recorded at the Sony Scoring Stage in Culver City, California.

3. Tom Cruise performed all of his own driving stunts during the movie’s signature car chase sequence.

4. When Jack Reacher’s car crashes into some barrels, the car accidentally stalled upon the impact, but Tom Cruise was luckily able to restart the car before driving off again. Rather than do a retake, Christopher McQuarrie decided to leave it in the movie, as he felt it added to the suspense of the scene.

5. Rosamund Pike was pregnant with son Solo during the shooting of the movie.

6. Robert Duvall’s character is seen using empty .38 special cartridge cases as ear plugs. This goes back to the 1950. Since he was an old timer, he would have done this.

7. Coincidentally, the source novel specifically references the movie A Few Good Men, which starred Tom Cruise. In the novel, Reacher reflects upon a line of dialogue spoken by Jack Nicholson’s character.

8. Jai Courtney and John Helman had so much trouble with the American accent required for their roles, that several planned scenes were scrapped, and many of Courtney’s lines were dropped from the sides.

9. The character Jack Reacher from Lee Child’s book series is described as 6’5” tall and weighing between 210 and 250 pounds. Tom Cruise is only 5’7” tall and weighs much less than 210 pounds.

10. The movie was originally titled “One Shot,” making it the same as the title of Lee Child’s book.

11. Reacher tells Helen, “Drop me at the auto parts store.” When she asks, “Which one?”, he explains that he wants the one that, “stands out in your mind as the auto parts store.” In the next sequence, the actual auto part store sign is visible: it’s called DeFault Auto Parts.

12. Christopher McQuarrie stated in an interview in 2015 that the scars referenced and shown on Jack Reacher’s body during the introduction to the character, were scars earned from his encounters in other Jack Reacher books.

13. Tom Cruise and Rosamund Pike sourced The Thomas Crown Affair in their quest to capture the right subtle chemistry between their characters.

14. In the source novel, the sniper in the beginning of the story refers to his kill zone as a, “target rich environment.” This is the same phrase used by Tom Cruise in an early scene in Top Gun, when he and Goose enter a nightclub.

15. Hayley Atwell, Brit Marling and Alexa Davalos screen tested for the role of Helen Rodin.

16. The teaser trailer for Jack Reacher debuted on Tom Cruise’s 50th birthday.

17. The movie playing on the television in Jeb’s house is The Big Country, starring Gregory Peck and Burl Ives.

18. The movie cast includes one Oscar winner: Robert Duvall; and four Oscar nominees: Tom Cruise, Rosamund Pike, Richard Jenkins and Werner Herzog.

19. Jai Courtney and Tom Cruise, who fight each other in the finale, have 24 years difference in their ages.

20. On the wall in District Attorney Rodin’s office is a photograph of Rodin shaking hands with former President George W. Bush.

21. At Cash’s gun range, Reacher mentions that if Cash doesn’t help Reacher, Cash could lose his gun range. As a threat, Reacher asks whether Cash would make a good soccer coach. Robert Duvall, who plays Cash, played a soccer coach in Kicking & Screaming.

22. The weapon that Reacher gets from the bad guy at the quarry is a SIG P556 SWAT with an Aimpoint sight.

23. Despite being one of the highlights of the movie, the car chase isn’t featured in Lee Child’s book.

24. The bottle of prescription medicine on Barr’s nightstand is for zolpidem tartrate. This is a drug used to treat insomnia. Barr probably suffered from insomnia with his post-war experience.

25. The “cold shot” talked about in the movie is actually a myth. Many precision shooters agree that, “cold bore shot accuracy,” isn’t real.

26. The way Reacher cycles the action of the Remington 700 on his third shot during the range scene is how snipers are actually trained to cycle bolt action rifles.

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