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25 Interesting And Fascinating Facts About Shiinotic From Pokemon

Shiinotic is a dual-type Grass/Fairy Pokémon introduced in Generation VII. It evolves from Morelull starting at level 24. Take a look below for 25 interesting and fascinating facts about Shiinotic.

1. Shiinotic is a Pokemon that resembles a large mushroom.

2. It has a slim, white body similar to a stalk, and a large purple mushroom cap on its head.

3. It has black eyes with pale green half-circle markings on the outer sides and a thick, black mouth.

4. The ends of its long, thin arms split into three pale green filaments that act as fingers.

5. The lower part of its body and stubby feet are covered in a fluffy pink substance. 

6. The mushroom cap on its head has a fluffy pink rim, pale green bumps on top, and a pale green, gilled underside.

7. This Pokémon competes with Parasect over territory; their fights often leave the area coated in spores.

8. In anime, Shiinotic has been shown illuminating the spot and gills on its mushroom. 

9. This strange light can confuse people who enter its habitat, causing them to lose their way.

10. Additionally, the flickering spore it releases can cause drowsiness.

11. It takes advantage of sleeping prey by sucking their energy through the tips of its arms.

12. It can also transmit energy to weakened Shiinotic in the through the same method.

13. Before Generation VIII, Shiinotic and its pre-evolved form were the only known Pokémon that could learn the move Strength Sap by leveling up.

14. They are now the only known Pokémon capable of learning Spore in Pokémon Sword and Shield.

15. Shiinotic can be seen as a counterpart to Parasect. Both share the Grass type, the same base stat total of 405, evolve at Level 24, both are mushroom-based Pokémon and thus can learn Spore, and both appeared as trial Pokémon of the Lush Jungle in Pokémon Sun and Moon depending on the game version, with Shiinotic being found in Pokémon Moon and Parasect in Pokémon Sun.

16. Shiinotic may be based on bioluminescent mushrooms such as those of the genus Mycena.

17. It also features a vulval sac and wide-brimmed warty cap, which are trademarks of the Amanita family.

18. Its Fairy type may be due to the fact that both families are known to grow in fairy rings, or it may possibly be a reference to fairy fire.

19. From its name, Shiinotic may have some aspects of the shiitake mushroom as well. Due to its habits of confusing people in the woods with its lights, it may also be based on the supernatural interpretation of will-o’-the-wisps.

20. Due to its emphasis on shining light, and some of its foreign names including it, Shiinotic may also intentionally resemble a lamp.

21. Shiinotic may be a combination of shiitake, shine, and hypnotic.

22. Multiple Shiinotic debuted in Lulled to La-La Land!, where they recently evolved from a group of Morelull that Ash and his classmates had encountered.

23. A Shiinotic appeared in Mallow and the Forest Teacher!, where it helped provide light at Oranguru’s place. It reappeared in Acting True to Form! and A Recipe for Success!, where it was once again providing light for the bar.

24. A Shiinotic appeared in Chasing Memories, Creating Dreams!, where it encountered Gladion and his Umbreon on Melemele Island before they continued on their way.

25. A Trainer’s Shiinotic appeared in Battle Royal 151!, where it competed in the Battle Royal preliminary round of the Manalo Conference but ended up losing.

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