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25 Fun And Interesting Facts About Seadra From Pokemon

Seadra is a Water type Pokemon introduced in Generation I. It evolves from Horsea starting at level 32 and evolves into Kingdra when traded holding a Dragon Scale. Take a look below for 25 fun and interesting facts about Seadra.

1. Seadra is a light blue, searhorse like Pokemon with a cream colored belly covered in rough scales.

2. It has a long, tubular mouth, narrow, black eyes, a fin like ridge above each eye, and spiny pectoral fins.

3. It also has a large, coiled tail.

4. It has a pair of dorsal fins with sharp, cream-colored tips that exude venom.

5. Seadra’s venom is toxic enough to induce fainting in humans, but is prized among practitioners of traditional medicine.

6. Seadra can swim in any direction while facing forward by rapidly flapping its fins and tail.

7. It catches its prey by spinning its body to create large whirlpools.

8. When its prey is exhausted, Seadra swallows it whole using its long snout.

9. Seadra makes its nest by either wriggling between or anchoring itself to branches of coral under the ocean.

10. After a female Seadra gives birth, the male Seadra will take care of the young.

11. It is markedly vicious and will mercilessly attack those who venture near its nest.

12. Seadra’s EV Yield (1 Defense, 1 Sp. Atk) is unique.

13. Seadra’s Gold and HeartGold Pokédex entries likely refer to the real world theory of evolution.

14. Seadra shares its category with Horsea, Kingdra, Dratini and its evolutions, Salamence, and Goodra. They are all known as the Dragon Pokémon.

15. Seadra is the only Pokémon that may have the ability Poison Point without being a Poison-type itself.

16. Seadra is based on a seahorse, though its ability to shoot ink resembles that of a squid.

17. Its category might be a reference to leafy seadragons, seahorses turning into dragons after a century in Japanese mythology, or the Japanese word for seahorse, which translates as “dragon’s child”.

18. Its large, spiky, poisonous fins may be inspired by the lion fish.

19. Seadra may be a combination of seahorse and dragon or hydra (a mythological sea creature).

20. Seadra debuted in Mewtwo Strikes Back, under the ownership of Fergus. It was one of the Pokémon that were captured and cloned by Mewtwo. The Seadra clone reappeared in Mewtwo Returns.

21. Seadra made its main series debut in Round One – Begin!, under the ownership of Mandi. He used it while facing Ash in his first battle in the Indigo Plateau Conference. Seadra battled Kingler and was defeated. It reappeared in a flashback in the following episode.

22. Cissy used a Seadra while Ash was participating in her target test in Fit to be Tide. It had a notably sensitive personality. It competed against Squirtle, but the match was declared a tie. Seadra reappeared in a flashback in A Way Off Day Off.

23. A Seadra appeared in The Great Eight Fate!, under the ownership of Juan. It was one of his Pokémon used in the Sootopolis City Water Exhibit. It and Juan’s other Pokémon were captured by Team Rocket, but they all worked together to escape.

24. A Seadra appeared in Pikachu’s Vacation as one of the Pokémon seen at the Pokémon Theme Park.

25. A Seadra appeared in The Power of One.

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