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25 Fun And Fascinating Facts About Shinx From Pokemon

Shinx is an Electric type Pokemon introduced in Generation IV. It evolves into Luxio starting at level 15, which evolves into Luxray starting at level 30. Take a look below for 25 fun and fascinating facts about Shinx.

1. Shinx is a quadruped, feline Pokemon resembling a lion cub or lynx kitten.

2. Its front half is light blue, while the rear is black.

3. There is a short tuft of fur on its head and smaller tufts on each cheek. 

4. The top tuft is smaller on the female Shinx. 

5. It has large, oval ears with yellow, star-shaped markings on the insides, yellow eyes, and a tiny, red nose.

6. Whenever its mouth is open, small fangs can be seen in its upper jaw. 

7. A black marking encircles its neck like a collar and there are yellow bands above its forepaws.

8. The hind paws are black on the male Shinx and blue on the female.

9. Spiked fur surrounds the base of its long tail, which is tipped with a yellow star shape.

10. If it senses danger, its fur can gleam brightly to blind predators so it can flee.

11. Electricity is produced by the extension and contraction of muscles in this Pokémon’s forelegs.

12. Shinx bears a resemblance to a hoax Pokémon that was created on April Fool’s Day 2005.

13. Shinx’s English name was originally thought to be “Spinx” because of a low quality photo with its name on it.

14. Shinx is the only Pokémon with a base stat total of 263.

15. Shinx appears to be based on a lynx cub, which possesses great eyesight, with some myths even depicting them as being able to see through solid objects, a trait its final form has. It may have also been inspired by the mythical sphinx, as its short face, human-like ears, and lion-like appearance and name are similar.

16. In addition, Shinx resembles a a lion cub in appearance.

17. Shinx may be any combination of shock, shine, or shining and lynx or sphinx.

18. In A Campus Reunion!, it was revealed that Clemont had befriended a Shinx in his youth. He evolved into a Luxio sometime after he lost contact with him, and he was caught by him when they finally met up again.

19. Shinx debuted in Not on My Watch Ya Don’t!, under the ownership of Landis. He played a major role in the episode.

20. A Shinx appeared in The Rise of Darkrai. In the garden, Dawn’s Piplup got into a fight with it over a Pecha Berry. They eventually began a fight among most of the other Pokémon. Not too long after, they were calmed down when Alice started playing Oración. Shinx decided to split the fruit in half and share one half with Piplup.

21. A Shinx appeared in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time & Darkness. It asked Team Poképals to retrieve a Gabite scale to help his sick sister. His sister also made an appearance at the end of the episode.

22. A Shinx debuted in Camping It Up!, under the ownership of Angie. He is her main Pokémon and spends much of his time outside of his Poké Ball.

23. Two Shinx appeared in There’s a New Gym Leader in Town!. They were among the Pokémon at Cheren’s Trainers’ School scared by the loud intercom.

24. A Shinx appeared in The Champ Twins!.

25. Two Shinx appeared in Lost Leader Strategy!, where they were seen under Reggie’s care.

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