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25 Fun And Fascinating Facts About Primeape From Pokemon

Primeape is a Fighting type Pokemon introduced in Generation I. It evolves from Mankey starting at level 28. Take a look below for 25 fun and fascinating facts about Primeape.

1. Primeape is a bipedal, simian Pokemon with a round body covered in whitish, shaggy fur.

2. There is usually a throbbing vein on the left side of its forehead, and it has triangular ears with pink insides, narrow eyes with tiny pupils, and a pink, snout-like nose.

3. Its arms and legs are brown and have metal shackles on the wrists and ankles.

4. This is probably indicative of a method of training with weights.

5. The hands have no visible fingers, instead resembling mittens or boxing gloves, and the feet have two toes.

6. Primeape is easily angered; even the slightest glance of eye contact will make it furious.

7. When Primeape is furious, its blood circulation is boosted.

8. This makes its muscles stronger, but at the cost of some of its intelligence. However, it has sturdy vessels in its brain that help keep it healthy.

9. It will chase anyone who upsets it and will not stop until it has caught its quarry.

10. Even if it is awoken from sleep, it will groggily chase whatever woke it. 

11. It has shown some fondness for bananas. Primeape can be found on mountains.

12. According to Pocket Monsters: The Animation, Primeape is the reason why Poké Balls were developed.

13. Considering its pig-like nose, coloration, habitat, and tendency to fly into a rage if eye contact is made, Primeape has much in common with baboons.

14. Primeape may be a combination of prime and ape, as well as being a pun on primate.

15. In Primeape Goes Bananas, a Mankey stole Ash’s hat, and later evolved into a Primeape. Ash’s Charmander battled Primeape and Ash was able to catch it. It is currently in training with Anthony to become a P1 fighting champion.

16. A Primeape appeared in Chikorita’s Big Upset, where it was the leader of a group of wild Fighting-type Pokémon. It was defeated in battle by Chikorita and immediately surrendered its gang leadership to Chikorita. It then helped fight Team Rocket.

17. Butch of Team Rocket has a Primeape, which appeared in The Fortune Hunters.

18. A Primeape appeared in Wobbu-Palooza!, under the ownership of a festival crasher. It was used to disrupt the Wobbuffet Festival, but wound up being repelled by Ash, his friends, and Team Rocket.

19. A Primeape appeared in A Tyrogue Full of Trouble, where it was causing problems for a small town along with a Mankey and a Tyrogue. Kiyo was able to capture the Tyrogue, and the Mankey and Primeape joined up with him.

20. Multiple Primeape appeared in Journey to the Starting Line!, where they attacked Professor Oak, Delia, Tracey, and Gilbert who tried to retrieve a starter Bulbasaur after it got stuck in a tree.

21. Multiple Primeape appeared in I Choose You!. They battled Ash’s Metapod, causing it to evolve into Butterfree. They were then put to sleep with Sleep Powder, eventually waking up as Team Rocket tried to sneak past them.

22. A Primeape appeared in Princess vs. Princess, under the ownership of Yumi. It was used to battle Jessie during the Queen of the Princess Festival, quickly defeating Meowth before losing to Arbok after being poisoned by it.

23. A Primeape appeared in Riddle Me This as one of the Fighting-type Pokémon in an exercise Gym that were targeted by Team Rocket.

24. Multiple Primeape appeared in Showdown at the Po-ké Corral, where they were among the Pokémon living at Professor Oak’s Laboratory.

25. A Primeape appeared in Pikachu’s Vacation as one of the Pokémon seen at the Pokémon Theme Park.

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