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25 Fun And Fascinating Facts About Ludicolo From Pokemon

Ludicolo is a dual type Water and Grass Pokemon introduced in Generation III. It evolves from Lombre when exposed to a Water Stone. It is the final form of Lotad. Take a look below for 25 fun and fascinating facts about Ludicolo.

1. Ludicolo is a bipedal Pokemon that appears to be a mixture of a pineapple and a duck.

2. There is a green, sombrero-like growth on its head that is similar to a lily pad. 

3. Growing out of the top of its head is a short brown stem with a yellow spiky upper portion.

4. It has black eyes surrounded by a patch of green and an orange bill.

5. Its body is covered with shaggy yellow fur and has several zigzagging brown stripes.

6. The female has thinner stripes than the male.

7. It has large, green hands with two black lines on its palms, and thick green legs with a black circle on the underside of its feet.

8. Ludicolo becomes more powerful when it hears festive music and will appear near laughing children on hikes.

9. As it becomes more energetic and active, it will break into a dance.

10. Being the result of an evolution via evolutionary stone, Ludicolo is rarely found in the wild, though they can be found near the water’s edge.

11. Ludicolo and its pre-evolutions, Lotad and Lombre, have several unique attributes.

12. They have a unique type combination.

13. They are the only Pokémon with a dual Egg Group of Water 1 and Grass.

14. They are the only Pokémon that can have the Ability Rain Dish without it being their Hidden Ability.

15. Ludicolo’s evolutionary line can be seen as parallel to Shiftry’s family. Both of them are part Grass-type, they first evolve at level 14, and a respective evolutionary stone is used to reach the final stage. Both are version-exclusive between Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire and are based on Japanese legendary creatures or yokai: Ludicolo’s family are based on the kappa and Shiftry’s is based on the tengu. They both also have fur or hair covering portions of their bodies.

16. Ludicolo may be based on a duck, platypus, kappa, and a giant colocynth or pineapple. With its sombrero-shaped head, poncho-like body hair, and association with music and dance, it also seems to be based on a stereotypical Mexican dancer.

17. Ludicolo may be a combination of ludic (aimlessly playful) or ludicrous (laughable or absurd) and colocynth (a plant that bears a round, yellow and green fruit). Colo may be an anagram of loco, the Spanish word for crazy. The name may also come from paludicolous (inhabiting a swamp or marsh).

18. It may be a reference to the Spanish word ridículo meaning ridiculous, just as Lombre is a reference to the Spanish word hombre.

19. Brock’s Lombre evolved into Ludicolo in Once in a Mawile. It is currently back at Pewter Gym with Brock’s siblings.

20. Ludicolo debuted in Gotta Dance!. It kept showing up out of nowhere whenever the Poké-Baton was activated.

21. Ludicolo made its main series debut in Go Go Ludicolo, under the ownership of Poncho. It battled Ash twice, defeating his Corphish with its defensive skills, and was also the target of one of Team Rocket’s schemes.

22. A trio of wild Ludicolo appeared in Like It or Lup It!, where they became involved in one of Team Rocket’s schemes.

23. A wild Ludicolo appeared in A Faux Oak Finish!, where it evolved from a Lombre when Professor Oak gave it a Water Stone.

24. Tierno’s Ludicolo appeared in Good Friends, Great Training!, when he revealed his team to Ash, Serena, and Bonnie. It later reappeared in Valuable Experience for All!, where it was used in Tierno’s battle against Sawyer, but it was defeated by Aegislash.

25. A Ludicolo appeared in the opening sequence of Destiny Deoxys.

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