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28 Awesome And Interesting Facts About Lotad From Pokemon

Lotad is a dual type Water and Grass Pokemon introduced in Generation III. It evolves into Lombre starting at level 14, which evolves into Ludicolo when exposed to a Water Stone. Take a look below for 28 awesome and interesting facts about Lotad.

1. Lotad is a small, blue Pokemon with six stubby legs.

2. It has large eyes and a wide, yellow mouth similar to a bill.

3. A large leaf that resembles a lilypad covers its back.

4. This large leaf allows Lotad to float across ponds, and it will sometimes ferry smaller Pokémon on its back in this manner. However, the leaf will wilt if Lotad becomes dehydrated.

5. The size and weight prevent Lotad from living on land, but on rare occasions, it travels on land in search of clean water.

6. They have a unique type combination.

7. They are the only Pokémon with a dual Egg Group of Water 1 and Grass.

8. They are the only Pokémon that can have the Ability Rain Dish without it being their Hidden Ability.

9. Lotad can be seen as a parallel to Seedot. Both of them are Grass-type Generation III Pokémon and are part of a three-stage evolutionary line, who evolve into their evolved forms at or above level 14, and whose second evolutionary event utilizes an Evolutionary stone.

10. Lotad is exclusive to Pokémon Sapphire, while Seedot is exclusive to Pokémon Ruby, with both Pokémon found in the same locations in their respective versions. Additionally, both Pokémon can be found in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum by using the Dual-slot mode, with Lotad requiring Pokémon Sapphire, and Seedot requiring Pokémon Ruby. Both can also be found in White Forest in Pokémon White, and both have the same base stat total, with both having equal stats arranged differently with Lotad more oriented toward the special stats and Seedot the physical stats.

11. Lotad is tied with Sunkern for having the lowest base Defense of all Grass-type Pokémon.

12. Lotad seems to be primarily based on a lily pad. It may be based on the Japanese yōkai called the Kappa. It shares the Kappa’s signature beak, aquatic habitat, and water-dish. Kappas are known to have a dish of water on top of their heads, which is vital to their health. Lotad’s Rain Dish Ability mirrors this aspect.

13. Lotad is a combination of lotus and lily pad.

14. Lotad appeared in The Lotad Lowdown. Three sisters named Natalie, Nicole, and Rita owned a flower shop and a horde of Lotad. One of these Lotad were given to Brock. This particular Lotad was a bit slow and sometimes stared blankly for a few seconds before attacking. It evolved into Lombre in Take the Lombre Home, which then evolved into Ludicolo in Once in a Mawile.

15. A Lotad appeared in Oh Do You Know The Poffin Plan!, under the ownership of Forsythia. It was the only one that knew Forsythia’s normally shy Roserade was the one secretly and fearlessly protecting her Berry garden. It later saved Forsythia from Team Rocket’s mecha and then convinced Roserade to continue fighting Team Rocket without its red scarf — the only thing that gave it the confidence to act.

16. Multiple Lotad appeared in One for the Goomy!, after being startled by Team Rocket when Inkay attacked the river with Psybeam. They subsequently attacked Team Rocket and Ash’s group using Energy Ball alongside Lombre, who were using Bubble Beam. This caused the groups to get separated from each other.

17. Multiple Lotad appeared in Defending the Homeland! and Beyond the Rainbow! as Pokémon that lived in the wetlands that Ash’s Goodra was from. One of them reappeared in Master Class is in Session! and Performing a Pathway to the Future! to watch Serena’s performance along with the rest of the wetland Pokémon. They appeared once again in A Diamond in the Rough! and Facing the Needs of the Many!, when Ash and his friends returned to the wetlands. Five of them appeared again in Till We Compete Again!, where one was arguing with a Wooper before Goodra put a stop to the argument.

18. Lotad debuted in Johto Photo Finish, where it was seen in Harrison’s explanation of the Hoenn region.

19. A Coordinator’s Lotad appeared in All Things Bright and Beautifly!.

20. A Lotad appeared in The Ribbon Cup Caper at the S.S. St. Flower’s Pokémon Center.

21. A Coordinator’s Lotad appeared in Hi Ho Silver Wind!.

22. A Coordinator’s Lotad appeared in What I Did for Love!.

23. A Lotad appeared in One Big Happiny Family! in Jessie’s fantasy.

24. A Lotad appeared in The Island of Illusions! as a resident of Grand Spectrala Islet.

25. Multiple Lotad appeared in Genesect and the Legend Awakened as residents of Pokémon Hills.

26. A Lotad appeared in a flashback in A Slippery Encounter!.

27. Two Lotad appeared in a flashback in One for the Goomy! and An Oasis of Hope!.

28. A Trainer’s Lotad appeared in Thawing an Icy Panic! and Under the Pledging Tree!. In the latter episode, it was among the Pokémon present during the Coumarine City Festival.

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