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25 Fun And Awesome Facts About Samurott From Pokemon

Samurott is a Water type Pokemon introduced in Generation V. It evolves from Dewott starting at level 36. It is the final form of Oshawott. Take a look below for 25 fun and awesome facts about Samurott.

1. Samurott is a quadruped, blue, sea lion like Pokemon.

2. It has two pairs of pointed teeth, one in the upper jaw and one in the lower.

3. Long, white whiskers extend from its snout and head, and it has a red nose and eyes.

4. On the back of its head is a large, rounded beige helmet-like shell with spikes and a spear-like, pointed protrusion in the front.

5. A dull bluish gray seashell-like carapace covers its underbelly, and its limbs are covered with beige, sectioned bracer-like coverings, that appear to be made of seashells.

6. The forelimbs’ bracers are actually swords called seamitars.

7. The lower two segments of these bracers are the scabbards for the two swords, and the upper segment and spike make up the seamitar and its handle.

8. Samurott possess three black digits on each limb, and a fin-like, splayed tail with the innermost section being beige.

9. When in battle, Samurott can stand on its hind legs and use one of its blades as a sword to fight. 

10. In the time it takes a foe to blink, it can draw and sheathe the seamitars attached to its front legs.

11. One swing of its seamitar can beat opponents.

12. It can silence foes with a glare or a howl.

13. Samurott, Serperior and Emboar all share the same base stat total of 528.

14. At 2.099 seconds, Samurott has the longest cry of any starter.

15. During an interview, Yusuke Ohmura said he designed Samurott before Oshawott after going to an exhibit and seeing how strong sea lions are.

16. Samurott appears in Pokémon Battle Chess. It acts as a bishop piece in chess, but can also move one square directly forward.

17. Samurott is based on an otter with characteristics of a sea lion and an armored samurai or Shōgun.

18. Samurott’s tail may be based on a Japanese war fan. The “helmet” over its head appears to be based on the rare-spined murex shell. The markings on its chest make it reminiscent of a giant otter.

19. Its ability to withdraw, attack with, and return its blade may be a reference to iaido, a Japanese martial art that uses similar swordplay in combat.

20. Samurott is a combination of samurai and otter.

21. Samurott debuted in White—Victini and Zekrom and Black—Victini and Reshiram, under the ownership of Leeku. It fought and lost to Ash’s Tepig during Eindoak Town’s Harvest Festival battle tournament, after Tepig received a power boost from Victini‘s powers.

22. A female Samurott made her main series debut in The Road to Humilau!, under the ownership of Cameron. Cameron first used Samurott in his Gym match against Marlon and his Mantine, which he won. During the Vertress Conference, Samurott was used against Bianca and her Escavalier, which she defeated, but she then lost to Emboar. During Cameron’s match against Ash, Samurott defeated Pignite but lost to Pikachu.

23. A Samurott appeared in the Pokémon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2 Animated Trailer, under the ownership of Hugh. It was first seen battling against a Team Plasma Grunt’s Seviper alongside Nate’s Arcanine.

24. Bianca was seen with a Samurott in The Birth of the Best Pokémon Trainer!.

25. Both Cheren and Arata have Samurott, with the latter obtaining it as an Oshawott.

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