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25 Awesome And Fascinating Facts About Mantine From Pokemon

Mantine is a dual type Water and Flying Pokemon introduced in Generation II. It evolves from Mantyke when leveled up with a Remoraid in the party. Take a look below for 25 awesome and fascinating facts about Mantine.

1. Mantine is a large, manta ray like Pokemon with wide fins and two ring shaped marks on its back.

2. Its back is a dark blue with a jagged outline on its wings.

3. It has a streamer-like tail and long “antennae”.

4. Two pairs of gills are visible on its gray underside, as well as a pair of beady eyes and a small mouth.

5. Generally, it is pictured with a Remoraid attached to the underside of one wing, much like a cleaner fish.

6. Mantine can fly 300 feet into the air if it builds up enough speed, in a similar manner to how real-life manta rays breach the surface.

7. Mantine is mostly docile. It thrives in open seas.

8. In Alola, many surfers ride waves and travel between islands on the backs of Mantine.

9. This has made it an icon in the region, being featured on souvenir postcards and posters.

10. Despite the fact that Mantine evolve from Mantyke in the presence of a Remoraid, Remoraid has not been present on any of Mantine’s sprites in the main series of games since Generation IV, in which this evolution method was introduced. This may be due to fact that the Remoraid used for evolution doesn’t disappear after Mantine evolves from Mantyke.

11. Mantine is similar to a manta ray, with some kite-like aspects.

12. Its flying type seems to be a reference to flying rays, known as such due to their propensity for breaching.

13. Since Remoraid, a Pokémon based on a rifle, often attaches itself to the undersides of Mantine’s wings, Mantine may also be based on a fighter plane.

14. Mantine may be a combination of manta and marine or brine.

15. A Mantine appeared in the Where Are You Going, Eevee? segment at the end of A Haunted House for Everyone!, where it befriended a wild Eevee. By the Where Are You Going, Eevee? segment at the end of Don’t Ignore the Small Stufful!, Mantine delivered Eevee to Melemele Island of the Alola region, bade farewell to it, and headed back out to sea.

16. Mantine debuted in Spell of the Unown: Entei as one of the illusory Pokémon created by Molly Hale thanks to the power of the Unown. Molly used it as her second Pokémon in her battle against Misty, where it faced off against Staryu. The outcome of the battle was left unknown.

17. Mantine made its main series debut in Mantine Overboard!, where it was seen protecting the Silver Wing.

18. A Mantine appeared in Just Add Water, under the ownership of Dorian, owner of the unofficial Coastline Gym. It was used to attack Team Rocket, defeating them with Bubble Beam. It was later used to battle Misty’s Corsola, but it lost.

19. Brock’s mother, Lola, owns a Mantine, which was used in her battle against Brock’s Onix in A Family That Battles Together Stays Together!. It soon lost despite having the type advantage. Mantine reappeared in a fantasy in Grating Spaces!.

20. Multiple Mantine appeared in Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea. Jack Walker used his Capture Styler on one of the Mantine passing by him, so it could help Jack get away from The Phantom during the beginning of the movie. They briefly reappeared in a montage in The Rise of Darkrai, which chronicled the preceding nine movies.

21. A Mantine appeared in Steamboat Willies!, under the ownership of an old man who owned a ship. It helped Ash and Dawn save the ship from falling off a waterfall. This Mantine was bigger than usual.

22. A Mantine appeared in The Road to Humilau!, under the ownership of Marlon. It battled Cameron’s Ferrothorn during a Gym battle and defeated it, but later lost to Cameron’s Samurott.

23. Multiple Mantine appeared in Alola, Alola!. They were used by Ash, his classmates, and Misty to travel to Treasure Island. They were later captured by Team Rocket before being freed through the efforts of Ash and the others.

24. Two Mantine appeared in Pokémon Heroes: Latios & Latias. One escorted Latias over to Ash and his friends’ boat with the help of two Chinchou, while the other was under the ownership of a competitor in the Tour de Alto Mare.

25. A Mantine appeared in the opening sequence of Destiny Deoxys.

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