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25 Awesome And Amazing Facts About Flapple From Pokemon

Flapple is a dual-type Grass/Dragon Pokémon introduced in Generation VIII. It evolves from Applin when exposed to a Tart Apple. It is one of Applin’s final forms, the other being Appletun. Flapple has a Gigantamax form. Take a look below for 25 awesome and amazing facts about Flapple.

1. Flapple is a green worm like dragon Pokemon with a light green underside and yellow eyes.

2. It uses parts of an apple to form its body.

3. It has one part on the top of its head with a single horn sticking out, one on the bottom that is attached to its tail and two parts as wings that are attached to two limbs with three-claw hands.

4. Its cheeks store acid strong enough to induce chemical burns, which it is able to spit at its targets.

5. It can disguise itself as an apple by folding its apple peels.

6. When exposed to Gigantamax energy, Flapple changes into the shape of a giant apple with a green dragon-like Pokemon inside.

7. Its leaf-like eyestalks stand up straight and it has the top of the apple on its head with yellow carvings on the apple resembling nostrils.

8. Its tail is elongated and wraps around the base of the apple.

9. The Pokemon has rounded cheeks and hangs its mouth open letting a red tongue hang out of its mouth.

10. Three red clouds float around the neck.

11. The sweet nectar that covers its body increases in thickness, allowing it to absorb more damage than normal.

12. It can shoot out nectar, enough to be able drown its opponents in the blast of nectar.

13. Flapple can produce significantly more sweet nectar.

14. An intensely sweet aroma of nectar pours out when it stretches its neck, and this aroma is so sweet it can cause other Pokémon to faint by merely taking a sniff of the scent.

15. Flapple is the only known Pokémon capable of using the move Grav Apple and the exclusive G-Max Move G-Max Tartness.

16. Flapple and Appletun are the only Pokémon to have physically identical Gigantamax forms, although they are still treated as different Pokémon as they have distinct Pokédex entries and G-Max Moves.

17. Flapple and its evolutionary family are the only Pokémon that are in the Grass and Dragon Egg Groups.

18. Flapple may be based on the larvae of Codling moths, which burrow into apples and feed on their cores, while also sharing visual similarities with geckos.

19. The powerful acid it spits may be a reference to amygdalin, a chemical compound found in apple seeds, which releases cyanide into the body when digested.

20. Its Gigantamax form appears to be based on a caramel apple, and its ability to make Pokémon faint due to its sweetness may be a reference to a diabetic coma.

21. Considering its Dragon typing, it may be a visual pun on “wyrm”, the Old English word for not only worms, but also serpentine dragons.

22. It may also be inspired by Ladon, a dragon from Greek mythology that guards the golden apples in the garden of Hesperides.

23. In addition, it may draw inspiration from the biblical serpents, sometimes referred to as dragons, one of which persuaded Eve to eat from the forbidden fruit of the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil, commonly depicted as an apple.

24. Given its flying apple motif and signature move, Grav Apple, Flapple could also be based on the tale of Newton’s Apple. Popularized by Voltaire, it claimed the English natural philosopher Sir Isaac Newton had the first thought of his system of gravity upon seeing an apple falling from a tree.

25. Flapple may be a combination of flap and apple.

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