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24 Awesome And Interesting Facts About Dewgong From Pokemon

Dewgong is a dual type Water and Ice Pokemon introduced in Generation I. It evolves from Seel starting at level 34. Take a look below for 24 awesome and interesting facts about Dewgong.

1. Dewgong is a pinniped Pokemon with a snowy white, furry body.

2. Its fur renders it virtually invisible in snowy conditions.

3. Its face has two black eyes, a black nose, and two tusks extending from its upper jaw.

4. It has a streamlined body with two front flippers and a long flowing tail.

5. Even in extremely cold and ice-packed waters, its tail allows it to be a swift and agile swimmer at speeds of 8 knots.

6. On top of its head is a sharp horn, which allows it to cut through the thickest ice floes.

7. It lives on icebergs adrift in frigid ocean waters.

8. It thrives in lower temperatures, becoming increasingly more active the colder the weather.

9. By storing thermal energy within its body, it is completely unharmed by even the most intense freezing weather. 

10. During daylight hours, it sleeps on bitterly cold ice or under shallow water. However, at night when the temperature drops, it becomes a hunter and searches for prey such as Wishiwashi.

11. Following a meal, it sunbathes on the beach.

12. This raises its body temperature and aids in digestion.

13. In the Pokémon Red and Blue beta, Dewgong was originally known as “Manaty”.

14. Dewgong shares its category with Seel and Popplio. They are all known as the Sea Lion Pokémon.

15. Dewgong is based on a dugong. It is of the same order as the manatee, which resides in the Western Hemisphere.

16. The four known living members of the order all currently inhabit warm waters, a source of conflict with Dewgong’s Ice-type affinity. However, an extinct closer evolutionary relative from the same family (Dugongidae), the Steller’s sea cow, once existed in the cold Arctic waters of the Bering Sea.

17. While it is suggested that Dewgong is partially inspired by polar earless seals like the harp seal, the ringed seal, et al.; the Sirenian fossil record suggests the prominence of enlarged incisors that are absent in the modern variants of the dugong, a feature that is noticeable in Dewgong.

18. It may also draw inspiration from narwhals, a toothed whale with a protruding tusk and lives in the Arctic Ocean.

19. Dewgong is a portmanteau of dew and dugong (a relative of the manatee). Dew may refer to the natural phenomenon of water vapor condensing in the presence of a cold surface. Dew formation at sufficiently low temperatures turns into frost, a possible reference to Dewgong’s dual type affinity.

20. The Seel belonging to the Cerulean Gym evolved into Dewgong in The Misty Mermaid.

21. A Dewgong appeared in Mewtwo Strikes Back, under the ownership of Neesha. She first used it to travel to New Island. It was later one of the Pokémon that were captured and cloned by Mewtwo. The Dewgong clone reappeared in Mewtwo Returns.

22. A Dewgong appeared under the ownership of Pryce in Rage of Innocence, As Cold as Pryce, and Nice Pryce Baby. It was first used in an unofficial battle against Ash’s Phanpy and won. It was later defeated by Cyndaquil during Ash’s Gym battle with Pryce.

23. A Dewgong appeared in Up Close and Personable! as a resident of the lake near the Pokémon Summer Academy. Ash and Angie stumbled upon it, and Ash decided to use the opportunity to draw it.

24. Multiple Dewgong appeared in Showdown at the Po-ké Corral, where they were among the Pokémon living at Professor Oak’s Laboratory. They reappeared in The Rivalry Revival.

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