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24 Amazing And Interesting Facts About Togekiss From Pokemon

Togekiss is a dual type Fairy and Flying Pokemon introduced in Generation IV. Prior to Generation VI, it was a dual type Normal and Flying Pokemon. It evolves from Togetic when exposed to a Shiny Stone. It is the final form of Togepi. Take a look below for 24 amazing and interesting facts about Togekiss.

1. Togekiss is a white, avian Pokemon with an ovoid body.

2. While its feet are small and situated closely together, its wings are broad and triangular. 

3. Red and blue triangular markings over its underside, and it has a short tail consisting of three feathers.

4. On the back of its head are three spikes: a red-tipped one on the right, a blue-tipped one on the left, and a pure white one in the middle.

5. Togekiss has a relatively flat face and small, black eyes.

6. This Pokémon is rarely seen, only appearing in peaceful areas.

7. When it is seen or visits respectful people, it showers gifts of blessings and kindness. 

8. Togekiss hates arguments and conflict; it has been seen on good-luck charms since ancient times.

9. Togekiss learns more moves that cannot miss than any other Pokémon, with six: Aura Sphere, Shock Wave, Swift, Aerial Ace, Magical Leaf, and Smart Strike.

10. No other Pokémon have same dual Egg Group as Togekiss and its pre-evolved form.

11. No other Pokémon have the same type combination as Togekiss and its pre-evolved form.

12. Togekiss is the only Pokémon that has a gender ratio of 7:1 that have had a female shown in the anime but not a male.

13. In Pokkén Tournament, Togekiss is the only Support Pokémon with a charge time of “Normal”.

14. Togekiss’s design appears to draw inspiration from fairies and birds.

15. Its association with peace and joy, as well as its white coloration, suggests inspiration from doves, but its soaring flight and some physical aspects are similar to those of large birds of prey.

16. Its large, round figure; all-white plumage; and triangular belly markings show similarities to snowy owls, for example.

17. Togekiss may have also been designed to resemble a flying wing.

18. Togekiss is a combination of toge (spike) and kiss.

19. Togekiss made her main series debut in Dawn of a Royal Day!, originally under the ownership of Princess Salvia. Salvia wanted to enter a Pokémon Contest but could not due to her royal obligations. She swapped places with Dawn for a day and entered the Arrowroot Contest with Togekiss. After winning, she gave Togekiss to Dawn as a gift as she felt the Jubilee Pokémon would be better off with a journeying Coordinator.

20. Togekiss debuted in a cameo in the opening sequence of Giratina and the Sky Warrior.

21. Arcade Star Dahlia is shown to own a Togekiss in Interrupting Ivysaur. Platinum was forced to use it when both Trainers switched their Pokémon due to the Battle Arcade’s Pokémon Swap.

22. Gold’s Togebo evolved into a Togekiss immediately after evolving into a Togetic in All About Arceus VIII.

23. A Togekiss appeared in PMDP58, under the ownership of a Rich Boy.

24. In Altru Inc. Mystery, Kellyn catches a Togekiss to rescue Professor Hastings as he was about to fall off from a tower.

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