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5 Crazy And Fun Facts About Giromon From Digimon

Giromon is a Machine Digimon. Take a look below for 5 crazy and fun facts about Giromon from Digimon.

1. It patrols within the Computer Network while floating lightly in the air, and is also known as the “Net Keeper”.

2. It is surely a frightening Digimon, as when it judges an intruding Digimon to be an opponent, it will repel them with all the attacks it is able to muster, and if it is driven into a predicament, it will completely annihilate the intruder by blowing itself up.

3. Its design is derived from a Naval mine.

4. A Giromon was seen helping the Mamemon brothers fight MetalGreymon, MagnaAngemon and Kiwimon. He and the Mamemon brothers were knocked out of the skies by MetalGreymon’s Giga Blaster attack and they landed in the Seine River as MagnaAngemon destroyed the Control Spire there.

5. A Giromon is the Net Keeper of Factorial Town, but it is wreaking havoc by destroying all the computers, causing the controls to malfunction, and making loud noises. After Mameo manages to sneak into the town’s control systems and defeats Giromon, it will join File City and Andromon will repair the computer parts that Giromon broke. In File City, Giromon builds a jukebox for the restaurant which can play all of the game’s music tracks.

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