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23 Fun And Interesting Facts About Blink

Blink, or Clarice Ferguson, is a fictional character and a superheroine that appears in American comics books published by Marvel Comics. She can usually be seen in comics and television shows that feature the X-Men. Take a look below for 23 more fun and interesting facts about Blink.

1. Blink was created by writer Scott Lobdell and artist Joe Madureira. She first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #317.

2. She is an unstable mutant with the ability to teleport.

3. Blink was one of the mutants captured by the Phalanx during the 1994 X-Universe crossover event called the Phalanx Covenant.

4. The primary version of Blink returned to publication in 2009.

5. Creators Scott Lobdell and Joe Madureira redefined Blink as a more confident and assertive character in the parallel universe storyline Age of Apocalypse.

6. As a result of her confident and assertive character in the Age of Apocalypse, Blink became a fan favorite, as exemplified in her return in the regular title Exiles in 2001.

7. In the primary Earth-616 continuity of the Marvel Universe, Blink was introduced in the Phalanx Covenant storyline, in which alien techno-organic beings called the Phalanx captured her and several other young mutants to assimilate their powers.

8. The primary Earth-616 version of Blink was tense, panicky and frightened of her powers, having woken up in a pool of blood after her first use of them.

9. In the primary Earth-616 Marvel Universe, any object or person caught in Blink’s teleportation field, also known as a blink wave, would be shredded.

10. Blink eventually used her abilities to cut up Harvest, who was a Phalanx entity guarding her and her friends. However, she was caught in her own teleportation field and apparently died in the process.

11. Due to Blink’s sacrifice in the Earth-616 Marvel Universe, the remaining captive were set free from the Phalanx and became the X-Men junior team Generation X.

12. When Hercules travels to the Underworld, Blink is among the dead characters seen in Erebus gambling for their resurrection. Unlike the others, Blink just stands there and watches them gamble.

13. It’s assumed that Clarice Ferguson is a descendant of the 19th century Frederick Slade and Miss Ferguson and, therefore, a descendant of Apocalypse.

14. Blink has the ability to generate teleportation warps, allowing her to displace people and objects within their own set area space.

15. Blink can manifest the energy for her portals in the form of short javelins, which causes their targets to teleport.

16. She can use her power offensively and defensively. For example, she can fully or partially teleport whatever they are affected by away or re-direct incoming attacks back at a target.

17. She has normal human strength of a woman of her age, height and build who engages in moderate exercise.

18. Recently, in the comics, Blink was seen in the company of Selene.

19. At one point, Blink joined the Inner Circle and with them, fought against the X-Men, because she thought that they betrayed her, largely thanks to Selene’s mental manipulations.

20. Blink can teleport large masses, including large groups of people.

21. She can use her powers in a destructive manner by teleporting only parts of objects.

22. Blink’s portals are typically pink in color and are accompanied by a “blink” sound.

23. Blink has lilac skin, dark pink hair, pointed ears and pupil-less green eyes. She has also pink marks across her face which are not decorations or tattoos as they were present from birth.

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