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23 Fun And Interesting Facts About Staraptor From Pokemon

Staraptor is a dual type Normal and Flying Pokemon introduced in Generation IV. It evolves from Staravia starting at level 34. It is the final form of Starly. Take a look below for 23 fun and interesting facts about Staraptor.

1. Staraptor is a grayish brown, avian Pokemon similar to a large bird of prey.

2. It has small, red eyes and a thin, yellow beak with a black tip.

3. There is a circular white patch on its forehead, which is smaller on the female.

4. Larger white markings cover the front of its throat and chest, separated by a black ruff encircling the shoulders.

5. A red-tipped, black crest extends over its head, nearly reaching the tip of its beak.

6. Staraptor is fussy about the shape of this comb, which it uses to appear larger and frighten enemies.

7. It has large wings, five black-tipped tail feathers, and yellow feet with black talons.

8. Its powerful wing and leg muscles allow it fly effortlessly while carrying a small Pokémon. 

9. Upon evolution, this Pokémon leaves its flock to live alone.

10. It can be highly aggressive, persistently attacking even larger foes in spite of illness or injury.

11. Staraptor is based on the white-cheeked starling, a common species of bird found throughout Asia, combined with a bird of prey.

12. Although it largely resembles the starling in appearance, much of its inspiration comes from hawks and falcons, particularly its predatory nature and aerial speed.

13. It also has strong similarities to the harpy eagle.

14. The feathers hanging over its face are similar to the long-crested eagle.

15. Staraptor is a combination of starling and raptor (a predatory bird).

16. Ash’s Staravia evolved into a Staraptor during the final round against Paul’s Honchkrow during the Squallville PokéRinger competition. He won said competition with Ash in Pursuing a Lofty Goal!.

17. Staraptor debuted in Following A Maiden’s Voyage!. Piplup unintentionally hit Staraptor with Bubble Beam and caused it to use Whirlwind, which wrecked Professor Rowan’s lab.

18. A Staraptor appeared in Lost Leader Strategy!, under the ownership of Reggie. Staraptor was the final Pokémon Reggie chose in his battle with Ash; it was defeated by Pikachu‘s Volt Tackle. Staraptor then taught Staravia Brave Bird in Crossing the Battle Line!. It made a brief cameo in Aiding the Enemy and in Saving the World From Ruins!.

19. A Staraptor appeared in Pokémon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu! (Part 2). Kellyn captured it with his Capture Styler and used it to save Ash after J dropped him out of her airship.

20. A Staraptor appeared in Barry’s Busting Out All Over!, under the ownership of Barry. It was used during a battle against Chimchar. It reappeared in Steeling Peace of Mind!.

21. A Staraptor appeared in Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs (Part 1). Ben captured it with his Capture Styler and used it to stop the Pokémon Pinchers’ pursuit of Latios. It reappeared in a flashback in the following episode.

22. A Staraptor appeared in A Relay in the Sky!, under the ownership of Orson. Staraptor was used by Orson in the second leg of the Pokémon Sky Relay and took over the ribbon from Orson’s Staravia. It was successfully able to deliver his ribbon to Orson’s Starly for the final leg.

23. A Staraptor appeared in Genesect and the Legend Awakened, where it was among the Flying-type Pokémon who raced Mewtwo.

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