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23 Fun And Interesting Facts About Relicanth From Pokemon

Relicanth is a dual type Water and Rock Pokemon introduced in Generation III. It is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokemon. Take a look below for 23 fun and interesting facts about Relicanth.

1. Relicanth is a Pokemon that is heavily based on the coelacanth.

2. It is covered with hard, brown scales that are similar to craggy rocks.

3. The composition of its scales and fatty body allow it to withstand the intense pressure of the ocean depths.

4. Its tan head has protruding cheekbones, which are smaller on a female.

5. A triangular spike protrudes from the back of its head.

6. Tan patches cover its body and there is a red spot located on both sides.

7. It possesses two pairs of pectoral fins, which it uses to push itself along the sea bottom.

8. Additionally, it has dorsal and pelvic fins near its tail.

9. Its tail fin has a wavy outline.

10. Relicanth is a filter feeder, and it feeds on microscopic organisms with its toothless mouth.

11. It has remained unchanged for 100 million years, and stays as such because it is already a perfect life-form.

12. Relicanth’s EV yield (1 HP and 1 Defense) is unique.

13. Relicanth shares many similarities with Fossil Pokémon, in the sense that it is also part-Rock-type, has a gender ratio of seven males to one female, and it is referred as an ancient Pokémon in some Pokédex entries.

14. Relicanth is the only Rock-type to have a piscine body.

15. Relicanth are based on the coelacanth, an order of fish that was thought to be extinct. They are considered living fossils because they are virtually unchanged from their prehistoric forms. 

16. Like their real-life counterpart, Relicanth were thought to have gone extinct 100 million years ago until they were recently rediscovered in a submarine exploration. Relicanth matches the Indonesian coelacanth in color, but its Shiny coloration is like that of the more well-known West Indian Ocean coelacanth.

17. It may also take inspiration from placoderms, an extinct class of fish with armored heads.

18. Relicanth may be a combination of relic (something old that has survived the passage of time), relict and coelacanth.

19. Multiple Relicanth debuted in A Ruin With a View!, where Ash, May, and Professor Alden discovered a lake full of them.

20. A group of Relicanth appeared in The Relicanth Really Can!, where they played a major role to the plot of the episode.

21. A Relicanth appeared in the opening sequence of Lucario and the Mystery of Mew.

22. Multiple Relicanth appeared in Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea. They were among the Pokémon present during the final showdown with The Phantom and his crew.

23. A Relicanth appeared in a flashback in Mutiny in the Bounty! as one of J’s captured Pokémon.

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