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22 Fun And Fascinating Facts About Glameow From Pokemon

Glameow is a Normal type Pokemon introduced in Generation IV. It evolves into Purugly starting at level 38. Take a look below for 22 fun and fascinating facts about Glameow.

1. Glameow is a gray feline Pokemon with a slender physique.

2. It has a crescent shaped head with two white-tipped ears.

3. It also has a white muzzle, a small black nose, pink eyelids, yellow eyes with blue irises, and two rows of thin whiskers.

4. Its neck has a ruff-like fringe, and its legs have similar fringes. 

5. Its feet are tipped with white, and have pink paw pads on the underside.

6. It has a curled, spring-shaped tail and a white fluff at the tip of it. 

7. It has sharp claws and a powerful tail. 

8. Its eyes are also capable of using hypnotic powers.

9. Glameow tends to be spiteful and fickle, having a tendency to hook its claws into the nose of its trainer if it’s not fed.

10. When it’s happy, it demonstrates movements with its tail, like a dancing ribbon.

11. As it has a domesticated quality, it tends to appear in urban areas.

12. Glameow is the only Pokémon not introduced or given a new form in Generation VII whose model was altered between Generations VI and VII.

13. Glameow can be seen as a parallel to Stunky. Glameow is exclusive to Pokémon Pearl and White 2, while Stunky is exclusive to Pokémon Diamond and Black 2, and their evolved forms are used by Team Galactic Commanders Mars and Jupiter, respectively. Also, they are both part of the Field Egg Group and a two-stage evolutionary line, and they both cannot be found in Pokémon Platinum.

14. Glameow is based on a domestic cat.

15. Glameow is a combination of glamour or glamorous and meow.

16. Johanna has a Glameow, which debuted in Following a Maiden’s Voyage!. It stays at home and watches Dawn’s competitions with Johanna. When Johanna was younger, it was used in many Pokémon Contests and helped her become a Top Coordinator.

17. Zoey’s Glameow debuted in Mounting a Coordinator Assault!. It serves as her main Pokémon and has been used in many Contest Battles.

18. A Glameow appeared in For The Love Of Meowth, under the ownership of Mamie. Meowth fell in love with it, but the romance ended after Glameow eventually evolved into a Purugly and developed a bossy personality.

19. A Glameow appeared in Jessie’s fantasy in One Big Happiny Family!.

20. A Glameow appeared in James’s fantasy in Tag! We’re It…!.

21. A Glameow appeared in Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel.

22. A Glameow appeared in The New World, under the ownership of a Galactic Grunt at the Spear Pillar.

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