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10 Fun And Awesome Facts About BanchoLillymon From Digimon

BanchoLillymon is a Fairy Digimon. Take a look below for 10 fun and awesome facts about BanchoLillymon from Digimon.

1. It is a crimson tokkō-fuku wearing Digimon.

2. The gorgeous petals it had in the days it was a Lillymon have been dyed a dark color, and the pretty impression it made is long gone.

3. In a Digital World of the survival of the fittest, it believes in fighting for the underdog, having saved a lot of those who were attacked by evil Digimon.

4. It was awarded the title of “Bancho” when it donned its tokkō-fuku, a testament to its beliefs.

5. BanchoLillymon is a fairy Digimon styled after the modern Banchō, a particular type of juvenile delinquent.

6. It has a black flower with a yellow stamen and a cross-shaped scar on its head, and its hair is made from vines.

7. It wears a sailor fuku top, black leather skirt, black boots, and black finger-less gloves on its hands as well as pink bandages on its forearms.

8. It has four purple leaf-like wings on its back under its red Tokkō-fuku.

9. The characters on the Tokkō-fuku read “Peerless” and “Distinguished”.

10. It wields a pair of Togemon-themed yo-yos. BanchoLillymon appears to be an homage to Sukeban Deka’s Saki Asamiya, who wears a similar outfit and uses a Yoyo in combat.

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