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22 Fun And Awesome Facts About Eiscue From Pokemon

Eiscue is an Ice-type Pokémon introduced in Generation VIII. While it is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokémon, Eiscue can change forms with its Ice Face Ability. Take a look below for 22 fun and awesome facts about Eiscue.

1. Eiscue is a small penguin-like Pokémon with a large ice cube on its head.

2. This ice cube is a light blue, with specks of white seen dotting the surface of it.

3. Two oval-shaped eyes and a beak are seen on the front of it, with a long, antennae-like hair sticking out of the cube.

4. Eiscue’s body has two flippers and yellow feet, with three toes on each.

5. Its true face within ice is colored light blue with two white eyes.

6. It has two black eyebrows and a white beak.

7. Eiscue comes from extremely cold areas. 

8. It can produce cold air from inside its head to create ice to protect its head from heat.

9. The ice, however, is not very durable, as a strong blow can shatter it, after which it goes on to create new ice.

10. Eiscue are easygoing and are often seen aimlessly floating in the ocean with just its ice-covered head floating on the surface, occasionally washing up on distant shores.

11. It never panics or gets upset whenever it ends up in a new land, instead continuing due to its ability to adapt.

12. People love the silly, worried expression Eiscue shows when the ice on its head shatters.

13. Eiscue’s hair is connected to the surface of its brain, which then chills the air around it when it has something on its mind.

14. The hair is also used to catch prey in the sea.

15. Eiscue can be seen as a parallel to Stonjourner, the former being exclusive to Shield while the latter is exclusive to Sword. Melony and Gordie, the version exclusive gym leaders of the Circhester Gym use the two in their teams. (Eiscue with Melony and Stonjourner with Gordie.)

16. Eiscue shares its category with Piplup and Prinplup. They are all known as the Penguin Pokémon.

17. Eiscue seems to be based on a penguin with an ice cube for a head.

18. It may also draw inspiration from the great auk, a flightless bird that used to inhabit the British Islands before their extinction.

19. Great auks were known for floating with their heads exposed above water and were hunted to be used as fish bait. 

20. Their heads would get whiter during winters.

21. Eiscue may be derived from ice cube.

22. Shirudomiria’s Eiscue, nicknamed Peta, first appeared in PASS05.

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