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25 Amazing And Fascinating Facts About Croagunk From Pokemon

Croagunk is a dual type Poison and Fighting Pokemon introduced in Generation IV. It evolves into Toxicroak starting at level 37. Take a look below for 25 amazing and fascinating facts about Croagunk.

1. Croagunk is a dark blue, bipedal Pokemon that resembles a poison dart frog.

2. It has yellow eyes, which are surrounded by black markings.

3. There are orange, expandable pouches on its cheeks, and its teeth are wide and flat.

4. A black marking encircles its upper arms and chest, and there are white bands around its chest.

5. The white markings are slightly higher up on the female Croagunk than the male.

6. It has three fingers and toes, most of which are black.

7. The only digits that are not black are its center fingers, which are orange instead.

8. Croagunk’s cheek pouches and fingers contain a poisonous fluid. However, the fluid squeezed from its finger is also a significant ingredient in remedies for lower back pain.

9. The cheek pouches can be used to create an unnerving sound.

10. When its opponents are distracted, it tries to stab them with its fingers.

11. Despite this, it is a mild Pokémon, fighting only to ensure its own survival.

12. Croagunk is a popular Pokémon due to being chosen as a mascot for a pharmaceutical company.

13. Croagunk’s English name, along with numerous others, was released on February 13, 2007. Due to the poor quality of the image, it was believed its name was “Croalurk.”

14. No other Pokémon has the same type combination as Croagunk and its evolution.

15. Croagunk and its evolution are also the only Pokémon with a double weakness to the Psychic type, due to their unique typing.

16. Croagunk is one of few Pokémon to have its handheld game sprite differ from its 3-D image. While in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum it is shown to have pink cheeks, its 3-D models, official artwork, and anime appearance show it with yellow-orange cheeks.

17. Croagunk is the mascot of Pastoria City.

18. In Platinum, in front of the Pastoria Great Marsh, if the player stands behind the Croagunk Wall, with their head sticking out of it, a wild Croagunk may come by, cry out, and then walk to the Great Marsh.

19. In the Pastoria City Poké Mart, a wooden Croagunk statue can be seen on the counter. If interacted with, it will mention how “Even though it’s made of wood, it still seems like it’s seeping poison…”

20. Croagunk may have been based on the poison dart frog.

21. Croagunk may be a combination of croak and gunk.

22. Brock caught a Croagunk in Gymbaliar!. He took over Misty and Max’s job of pulling Brock away from attractive women during the Diamond & Pearl series, using Poison Jab on him every time he falls in love.

23. Multiple Trainers’ Croagunk appeared in Cream of the Croagunk Crop!. They included those belonging to Nurse Joy, nicknamed Chrissy; and Hamilton, nicknamed Craig. They participated in the Pastoria Croagunk Festival, which was held in honor of Pastoria’s mascot, Croagunk.

24. A Croagunk appeared in Pikachu and the Pokémon Music Squad. It was among the Pokémon living in a forest.

25. A Croagunk appeared in SS008, under the ownership of Misaki. It joined Misaki’s party one month prior to the episode, which had prompted her Piplup to temporarily run away from Sinnoh out of jealousy. Once it was returned to her by Ash and Go, Piplup entered itself and Croagunk into the Pokémon Drift Ice Race, but the two ultimately partnered up to save Misaki after Team Rocket interrupted the race.

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