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21 Fun And Awesome Facts About Komala From Pokemon

Komala is a Normal-type Pokémon introduced in Generation VII. It is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokémon. Take a look below for 21 fun and awesome facts about Komala.

1. Komala is a gray Pokemon similar to a koala.

2. It has large, rounded ears with light orange fur on the inside.

3. Its large, ovoid black nose extends up between its fluffy white eyebrows, and there are additional white puffs of fur on each cheek.

4. There is a small ruff of longer, gray fur around its neck.

5. Each hand is black with five short fingers, and it has three black claws and a black paw pad on each foot.

6. Its underbelly is white, as is its short fluffy tail.

7. Komala is usually seen holding a short wooden log, which it is given at birth.

8. The log is typically a light brown with darker, oval markings all over it.

9. The ends of the log are tan with the growth rings visible.

10. This Pokémon stays asleep from birth to death, staying this way because of its diet of leaves containing sedative properties.

11. While its expression sometimes changes as if it is aware of its surroundings, this appears to be a result of its dreams instead.

12. It is able to eat, travel, and even battle without waking.

13. If the log pillow it clings to is removed, it will be unable to sleep well and thrash wildly. However, it will sometimes cling to the arm of a Trainer it trusts.

14. During a deep sleep, it stops moving altogether.

15. According to ancient people, if a small amount of the saliva created when it eats leaves is watered down and ingested, one will be able to sleep well.

16. Hypno has been known to hunt this Pokémon.

17. Komala shares its category name with Musharna. They are both known as the Drowsing Pokémon.

18. Komala appears to be based on a koala.

19. Komala may be a combination of coma and koala.

20. Komala debuted in The Guardian’s Challenge!, under the ownership of Samson Oak. Most of the time, it is seen sleeping and ringing the school bell. However, it also participated in the Pokémon Pancake Race and the Manalo Conference, where it won the former. Later, starting in A Mission of Ultra Urgency!, Komala would ring the bell frantically when the Ultra Guardians task force is needed.

21. Komala debuted in The Announcement and the Prize under the ownership of Hau.

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