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19 Fascinating And Amazing Facts About Vanilluxe From Pokemon

Vanilluxe is an Ice type Pokemon introduced in Generation V. It evolves from Vanillish starting at level 47. It is the final form of Vanillite. Take a look below for 19 fascinating and amazing facts about Vanilluxe.

1. Vanilluxe is the result of two Vanillish stuck together after a daylight melting and nighttime freezing process.

2. It is a two-headed Pokémon covered in a swirled, white substance that resembles ice cream.

3. Each head has two light purple eyes and mouth.

4. There are light blue ice crystals to the side of each eyes and two under each mouth.

5. It has two stubby arms and three spikes under its body, all of which resemble icicles.

6. The middle spike under its body is the largest, and there is a hollow, straw-like structure on top of the left head.

7. On the back of its two heads there are many small ice crystals.

8. Vanilluxe ingests large quantities of water, which it uses to create internal snow clouds.

9. If it loses a head, it can still live problem-free.

10. When its two heads are in agreement or simultaneously angered, it can expel powerful blizzards from its two mouths.

11. It can create snow anywhere, which makes it popular among skiers and snowboarders.

12. According to Game Freak, Vanilluxe and its pre-evolved forms were created by James Turner.

13. Vanilluxe is based on an ice cream cone, with snow for scoops and icicles for the waffle cone. Specifically, its double-scoop appearance and wafer-like appendage resemble a double 99 cone.

14. Vanilluxe has bits of ice on it that look like bits of nuts. According to James Turner, it is also based on American food mascots such as the Pillsbury Doughboy, as well as the “Stay Puft” marshmallow man from the 1984 supernatural comedy film Ghostbusters.

15. Vanilluxe may be a combination of vanilla and deluxe.

16. Vanilluxe debuted in Crisis at Ferroseed Research!, under the ownership of Georgia. Vanilluxe found itself becoming the target of affection by Ash’s Oshawott. When it became trapped with Iris at the Ferroseed Research Institute, Vanilluxe helped free people trapped during the crisis.

17. A Vanilluxe appeared in Thawing an Icy Panic! alongside a Vanillish, where they were looking for a Vanillite who had gone missing, and created a big whiteout in Coumarine City in the process of the search.

18. Vanilluxe debuted in The Lesson Ends Here, under the ownership of Alder. It was used against N, but was quickly defeated.

19. A Vanilluxe belonging to an Aether Foundation Employee first appeared in PASM23.

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