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19 Awesome And Interesting Facts About Shieldon From Pokemon

Shieldon is a dual type Rock and Steel Fossil Pokemon introduced in Generation IV. It is resurrected from an Armor Fossil and evolves into Bastiodon starting at level 30. Take a look below for 19 awesome and interesting facts about Shieldon.

1. Shieldon is a small, yellow, ceratopsian-like reptilian Pokemon.

2. It has white toes and a white bump on its back.

3. Shieldon has a dark-gray elliptical face, with a prominent white brow and a white rim on its black snout. 

4. Its facial hide is extremely hard; however, it is vulnerable when attacked from behind.

5. 100 million years ago, Shieldon lived in dense forests.

6. It has a habit of polishing its face against tree trunks.

7. It is speculated that few enemies would have considered challenging its armored face.

8. It eats grass, tree roots, and Berries.

9. Its fossils show no sign of damage to its face.

10. Shieldon and Cranidos evolve at level 30, the earliest of any Fossil Pokémon.

11. Shieldon is based on a ceratopsian dinosaur and a shield. Its lack of horns makes it particularly similar to Protoceratops.

12. Shieldon is a combination of shield (referring to its shield-like head) and don (from δόντι dónti, Greek for tooth; a suffix in various dinosaur names).

13. Four Shieldon debuted in Ill-Will Hunting, where J tried to capture all of them. Gary was tasked with protecting them, but J managed to capture one. However, it was soon freed by Ash.

14. A Shieldon appeared in Giratina and the Sky Warrior, under the ownership of Newton Graceland. It is always seen outside of its Poké Ball.

15. A Shieldon appeared in James’s fantasy in Tag! We’re It…!.

16. A Shieldon appeared in the boss fantasy of A Lean Mean Team Rocket Machine!.

17. Byron has a Shieldon that he was unable to befriend even after carrying him outside of his ball for an extended period. As Diamond was able to do so even without knowing him, he decided to give him to the boy prior to his training on Iron Island, which he names “Don”. He evolved into a Bastiodon later in the showdown against Team Galactic. He first appeared in A Big Stink Over Stunky.

18. Two Shieldon appeared in The Yellow Scroll: Hanbei vs Kanbei.

19. A Shieldon appeared in PMDP08.

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