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17 Awesome And Interesting Facts About Morgrem From Pokemon

Morgrem is a dual-type Dark/Fairy Pokémon introduced in Generation VIII. It evolves from Impidimp starting at level 32 and evolves into Grimmsnarl starting at level 42. Take a look below for 17 awesome and interesting facts about Morgrem.

1. Morgrem is a somewhat humanoid Pokemon with a magenta upper body and a light green lower body divided by a zig zag line.

2. It has large muscular arms with hands that have three sharp fingers and round feet that have three toes.

3. Just like its pre-evolution, Morgrem has prominently large ears, large eyes with red pupils instead of black, a long nose with a single nostril, although much longer and pointed upward, and a mouth with far more sharp fangs compared to Impidimp.

4. Its face “mask” and bat-wing extend to be fully grown long, black hair with a bang that covers its left eye.

5. The end of the hair is shaped like a pole arm.

6. It is known to do false acts of forgiveness, luring in opponents and getting down to its knees, before stabbing them with its hair.

7. It is believed that Morgrem has the ability to make plants grow.

8. Morgrem and its evolved form Grimmsnarl are the only known Pokémon capable of using the move False Surrender; and the only Pokémon, in addition to Impidimp, to currently learn Confide by leveling up.

9. No Pokémon have the same type combination as Morgrem and its evolutionary relatives.

10. Morgrem and its evolutionary relatives are also the only Fairy-type Pokémon to have a double resistance to Dark-type moves.

11. Morgrem shares its category with Purrloin. They are both known as the Devious Pokémon.

12. Morgrem, Hattrem, and their evolutionary families can be considered counterparts. Both are Generation VIII Pokémon evolving once at level 32 then at level 42. Morgrem and its evolutionary relatives are male only, while Hattrem and its evolutionary relatives are female only. Their final evolved forms are both Fairy-type Pokémon with identical base experience and catch rates, and each Pokémon in each evolution line have the same base stat total as their counterpart (e.g. Morgrem and Hattrem both have a base stat total of 370). Morgrem and Hattrem are also based on mythical beings from European folklore and mythology: Morgrem resembles a goblin, and Hattrem resembles a witch. Furthermore, both Pokémon use their hair as a weapon, and their Speed drops upon evolution.

13. Morgrem and its evolutionary relatives are the only Pokémon that are in the Fairy and Human-Like Egg Groups.

14. Morgrem may be inspired by the Cluricaune of Monaghan, a type of devious leprechaun from Irish folklore that bows down to lure its opponent and stab their eyes with its pointed hat.

15. It also shares similarities with the redcap, a murderous goblin from English legend that carries a pikestaff, which Morgrem’s hair seems to be shaped like.

16. As its name implies, it may also be based on gremlins.

17. Morgrem may be a combination of morbid or morgue and gremlin. It may also come from grem, an old English and old German word for “to anger or to enrage”.

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