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15 Awesome And Fascinating Facts About Milwaukie, Oregon, United States

Milwaukie is a city mostly in Clackamas County, Oregon, United States; a very small portion of the city extends into Multnomah County. Take a look below for 15 awesome and fascinating facts about Milwaukie, Oregon, United States.

1. The population was 20,291 at the 2010 census.

2. Founded in 1847 on the banks of the Willamette River, the city, known as the Dogwood City of the West, was incorporated in 1903 and is the birthplace of the Bing cherry.

3. The city is now a suburb of Portland and also adjoins the unincorporated areas of Clackamas and Oak Grove.

4. Milwaukie was settled in 1847 and formally platted in 1849 as a rival to the upriver Oregon City by Lot Whitcomb, who named it for Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

5. At the time, the Wisconsin city was also frequently spelled “Milwaukie” before the current spelling was adopted.

6. Some accounts also state that the Oregon city used an alternate spelling to prevent confusion at the post office.

7. Whitcomb arrived in Oregon in 1848 and settled on a donation land claim, where he built a sawmill and a gristmill.

8. Milwaukie rivaled Portland and Oregon City for a time, but Portland eventually became the bigger city because it had a deeper port.

9. The first post office at Milwaukie was established in 1850, with Whitcomb as the first postmaster. The community was incorporated by the Oregon Legislative Assembly on February 4, 1903, originally as the Town of Milwaukie.

10. The Oregon and California Railroad named their station there Milwaukee in 1870 and corrected it to Milwaukie in 1892.

11. As the city center grew further from the railroad and a branch line was built across the Willamette to Oswego, Milwaukie station was replaced and renamed Lambert for Joseph H. Lambert, a pioneer orchardist who developed the Lambert cherry. The name of the station was changed to East Milwaukee in 1913 and corrected to East Milwaukie in 1916.

12. The Bing cherry, among other varieties, was developed in Milwaukie by Ah Bing, an orchard foreman employed by, Seth Lewelling. A mural in the city commemorates Mr. Bing’s accomplishment.

13. Currently, the downtown area of Milwaukie is undergoing a revival in which new apartments and retail space are under construction and a riverfront park is being developed.

14. Milwaukie is the home of Dark Horse Comics. Dark Horse is known for publishing works including Sin City, the character Hellboy, and the original graphic novel series 300, as well for producing dozens of films and television series, including The Mask and TimeCop, based on characters created by Dark Horse founder Mike Richardson. The total office space of Dark Horse Comics occupies three city blocks in downtown Milwaukie, sporting numerous display windows visible to transit riders.

15. In the United States House of Representatives, Milwaukie is in Oregon’s 5th congressional district represented by Conservative Democrat Kurt Schrader.

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