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14 Incredible And Fun Facts About Impmon From Digimon

Impmon is an Evil Digimon. Take a look below for 14 incredible and fun facts about Impmon from Digimon.

1. It has an appearance like a demon’s child.

2. It loves pranks, so it enjoys seeing the embarrassed appearances of its opponents.

3. Also, it is said that when Impmon appears, electrical appliances temporarily go crazy, so an electronic image going out of order or ceasing to function might be because Impmon was pulling a prank.

4. Although it is a Digimon that loves mischief and malice, it never toadies to the strong, but stands up to them with a strong attitude.

5. However, the truth is that it has a lonely side.

6. Impmon is a small, imp-like Digimon the size of a young child.

7. Its entire body is purple, save for its white face, green eyes, the yellow smiley face on its stomach and the white claws on its feet. 

8. It wears red gloves and a red neckerchief.

9. Some Impmon appear at the Autumn Leaf Fair during the DigiDestined’s first visit.

10. Impmon is a Dark Virus type Digimon who uses 5 memory. Impmon digivolves from Pagumon at level 7 and can digivolve into IceDevimon, Wizardmon, Bakemon, Ogremon, Sorcermon and BlackGatomon.

11. An Impmon is one of the Digimon locked up in cages in the Digi-Market for prospective hackers to look to buy. Keisuke Amasawa isn’t happy at the way they’re treated, so attempts to defeat the salesman’s Triceramon, Monochromon, and Tyrannomon with his Tentomon, Betamon, and Gotsumon to free them. The three Digimon prove to be too powerful however, and Keisuke is defeated. His partner Digimon then digivolve to Kabuterimon, Seadramon, and Golemon and alongside the help of Ryuji Mishima’s Cyberdramon who had just arrived to help, defeat the three dinosaur Digimon, and then force the hackers to release all of the captive Digimon.

12. Impmon digivolves from Motimon and can digivolve to Devimon, Airdramon, Bakemon, Kyubimon, and Vegiemon. If it fails to meet the requirements for any of these Champions, it will digivolve to Numemon. If the waste gauge hits maximum, it will digivolve to Sukamon.

13. Impmon digivolves from Pagumon and can digivolve to IceDevimon, Wizardmon, Ogremon, Sorcermon, and Bakemon.

14. Impmon digivolves from DemiMeramon and can digivolve to Wizardmon.

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