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12 Interesting And Fun Facts About Sizzlipede From Pokemon

Sizzlipede is a dual-type Fire/Bug Pokémon introduced in Generation VIII. It evolves into Centiskorch starting at level 28. Take a look below for 12 interesting and fun facts about Sizzlipede.

1. Sizzlipede is an insectoid Pokemon with a long, flat body.

2. Its thorax and head are mainly red-orange with dark brown sections across its body and yellow rings on its underside which can get very hot.

3. Two fiery whiskers protrude from its face, and it uses its short stubby legs to move around.

4. Sizzlipede uses its coils to wrap around the prey before using its heated body to cook it.

5. Sizzlipede, much like its evolved form Centiskorch, can generate heat using the flammable gas stored within its body.

6. Once the prey is cooked to well-done, it will voraciously nibble at them piece by piece until the last morsel.

7. Slizzlipede is related to Skorupi and Venipede.

8. However it often gets into fights with Venipede whenever the two species meet.

9. Despite the Scolipede and Centiskorch evolutionary families living in different parts of the Galar region, both Venipede and Scolipede’s Pokédex entries speak of their hostile relationship with the latter family.

10. Sizzlipede seems to be based on radiators and on centipedes, like Orphaneus brevilabiatus, also known as fire centipede due to its bioluminescence.

11. It may also be inspired by millipedes with the same ability, like the Sierra luminous millipedes.

12. Sizzlipede may be a combination of sizzle and millipede or centipede.

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