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12 Crazy And Fun Facts About Gallantmon From Digimon

Gallantmon is an Exalted Knight Digimon. Take a look below for 12 crazy and fun facts about Gallantmon from Digimon.

1. One of the “Royal Knights”, it is a being containing contradictions, as it is called a guardian deity of the Net despite being a Virus attribute, and if by any chance its balance is lost, it is possible for it to become a dangerous being.

2. It pilots the Flying Dragon machine “Grani” as a dragon knight that races across the skies.

3. It is clad in holy armor refined and constructed from 99.9% pure Chrome Digizoid, and its right hand can become the holy lance “Gram”, rivaled only by Darkdramon’s “Gigastick Lance”, while its left hand can become the holy shield “Aegis”.

4. It honors chivalry, and is a loyal vassal towards its lord.

5. Gallantmon is an archetypal armored knight.

6. Its body is encased all over in white armor with red parts on its pauldrons, poleyns, end of its vambraces and the ankle plate of its sabatons as well as gold trimming.

7. It wears a huge, flowing, red cape.

8. Its helmet contains Guilmon’s face as a crest. 

9. It wields a circular shield called the Aegis and a huge lance called Gram. 

10. Its cuirass and poleyns are adorned with the symbol of the Digital Hazard, its crest, gorget, and Aegis bear the Zero Unit.

11. Gallantmon is a Mega-level Digimon, it digivolves from every Ultimate Digimon, in order to digivolve to Gallantmon, Digimon must be trained in night, and have 60% wins.

12. Gallantmon appears in the eighth Southwest area of Dark Castle and can be unlocked by winning the “Bomb” mini-game.

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