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12 Awesome And Amazing Facts About Perrserker From Pokemon

Perrserker is a Steel-type Pokémon introduced in Generation VIII. It evolves from Galarian Meowth starting at level 28. Take a look below for 12 awesome and amazing facts about Perrserker.

1. Unlike Persian, Perrserker remains bipedal and has a body shape similar to what it had as a Meowth.

2. The hair on its head and parts of its limbs has hardened into natural armor.

3. The former takes the shape of a stereotypical horned Viking helmet that covers its ears and part of its eyes while also incorporating its coin.

4. Perrserker’s claws have grown longer and harder as well, and can come together to form daggers that it can use to fight its foes more effectively.

5. Perrserker has a violent and barbaric demeanor, and it lives for the thrill of battle.

6. It and Persian have a relationship characterized by mutual disdain on account of the irreconcilable differences in their respective temperaments.

7. Perrserker appears to based on a cat and the stereotypical image of Vikings.

8. Its behavior may be based on that of the berserker.

9. It may also be based on Freyja’s cats gifted by Thor who pulled her chariot.

10. It being Steel-type may refer to the Vikings’ use of iron in their weapons and helmets.

11. Another possible basis, considering its horn-like ears and connection to Vikings, may be the Norwegian forest cat, a breed of cat from Scandinavia noted for its long, tufted ears.

12. Perrserker may be a combination of purr or Persian and berserker.

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