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10 Fun And Interesting Facts About BlackWarGreymon X From Digimon

BlackWarGreymon X is a Dragon Man Digimon and carrier of the X-Antibody. Take a look below for 10 fun and interesting facts about BlackWarGraymon X from Digimon.

1. Its negative power has been condensed to its maximum, and its cunning for seizing victory by any means necessary has been accelerated.

2. It has imparted the strongest toughness of the “Brave Shield” to the “Dramon Killers”, leading to it possessing perfected equipment of unified offense and defense.

3. Due to its fighting style, in which it instantly plunges into the heart of the enemy with the vernier it has equipped to its back, which boast explosive acceleration at the expense of it being able to fly for extended periods, it has certainly become the strongest form of land combat Digimon, a “Land War Hero”.

4. Samudramon, designed by As’maria, was originally created as BlackWarGreymon X.

5. He was asked to redesign BlackWarGreymon to have more Japanese flair, so he designed it to dual wield two swords.

6. It was loved so much, it was renamed and made a standalone Digimon, instead of an X-Antibody counterpart.

7. BK WarGreymon is an unlockable Digivolution in the game by completing the “Cursed Dungeon” sidequest in Hard Mode. His signature weapon is the “Demon Arm”.

8. BlackWarGreymon X digivolves from WarGreymon.

9. BlackWarGreymon X is a card digivolution, and digivolves from BlackWarGreymon.

10. BlackWarGreymon X Anti-body digivolves from BlackWarGreymon.

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