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10 Amazing And Awesome Facts About Agumon Expert From Digimon

Agumon Expert is a Dinosaur Digimon. Take a look below for 10 amazing and awesome facts about Agumon Expert from Digimon.

1. It is a genius Agumon that has a doctorate in Digital Monster studies from Digital World Academy.

2. The badge on its chest is proof of its doctorate.

3. Though it is said that its degree was created by Agumon Expert itself, it certainly is knowledgeable about Digimon types and territories.

4. Due to its peculiar accent in which it attaches “Gya” to the end of its remarks, it is thought to possibly have come from a distant locale.

5. Terriermon Assistant is a hardworking Terriermon that supports Agumon Expert.

6. Agumon Expert is an Agumon associated with academia.

7. It wears the square academic cap common to university faculty and students, and it wears the white coat associated with laboratories.

8. Agumon Expert was listed as a Reptile-type in this V-Pet and was a hidden Level 7 Digimon. However, it was treated as a Rookie in gameplay.

9. You can get Agumon Expert by attaching an L and a R and getting the special egg which hatches into YukimiBotamon and then Nyaromon like usual but then becomes Agumon Expert.

10. Agumon Hakase is card 6-695.

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