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9 Fun And Interesting Facts About Dottler From Pokemon

Dottler is a dual-type Bug/Psychic Pokémon introduced in Generation VIII. It evolves from Blipbug starting at level 10 and evolves into Orbeetle starting at level 30. Take a look below for 9 fun and interesting facts about Dottler.

1. Dottler has an orange, blog like body, though most of it is covered by its geometric shaped shell, with only its face and underside visible.

2. It has cyan, beady, crystalline eyes similar to those of its pre-evolved form; a pair of blue feelers in a V-shape on each side of its face; and four blue feet under its body.

3. Its shell is made up of yellow triangular surfaces with blue circles around the points where the edges of the triangles meet.

4. These blue circles constantly flash from top to bottom.

5. The shell is so heavy, it prevents it from getting food to eat and water to drink, leaving very small holes to breath through.

6. While growing inside, Dottler uses its shell to examine its environment, using its psychic powers to keep itself protected and gather information about its habitat until it evolves.

7. No other Pokémon have the same type combination as Dottler and its evolved form Orbeetle.

8. Dottler may be based on a ladybird pupa and a radome or disco ball.

9. Dottler may be a combination of dot and Doppler radar.

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