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9 Fascinating And Amazing Facts About Hi-VisionMonitamon From Digimon

Hi-VisionMonitamon is an LCD Digimon. Take a look below for 9 fascinating and amazing facts about Hi-VisionMonitamon from Digimon.

1. As the newest model of Monitamon, it outdoes Monitamon in fighting strength, analytic power, and intelligence-gathering ability, and is an Ace of Monitamon that displays unique abilities.

2. Due to the fact that it always has a grasp on all of the latest information in the Digital World, as well as governing the legion of Monitamon to always lead them to triumph, it holds the alias of “Black Electromagnetic Wave”, and the deep trust of the Monitamon.

3. It performs detailed analysis of its collected information and transmits polished tactics to the Monitamon, but its sole flaw is that it sometimes gets too passionate and doesn’t stop talking. 

4. The “Denji-maru” it holds in its hand is a weapon that generally excels in both offense and defense, as it is able take the power of its opponent’s blocked attacks and turn them into particles.

5. The techniques of Monitamon that are struck by particles from the Denji-maru, which it uses as both a weapon and as a conducting Gunbai, are able to rise to the utmost limits of their power.

6. Also, it is a Digimon rich in technique variations, which are mostly enhancements of Monitamon’s techniques.

7. Hi-VisionMonitamon looks like an enhanced version of Monitamon, trading its green outfit with brown equipment for black and red, respectively.

8. Its head now resembles a high-definition television set as opposed to the previous CRT, and it now sports a parabolic antenna on its head.

9. It wields a yellow wand, the “Denji-maru”, in its right hand.

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