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8 Interesting And Amazing Facts About Salisbury, New Brunswick, Canada

Salisbury, New Brunswick is a village located in Westmorland County, New Brunswick, Canada. Take a look below for 8 interesting and amazing facts about Salisbury, New Brunswick, Canada.

1. The village’s population meets the requirements for “town” status under the Municipalities Act of the Province of New Brunswick; however, its municipal status has not been changed.

2. Salisbury first became a permanent settlement when settlers from Yorkshire, England, settled there in 1774 (History, Village of Salisbury Website).

3. Salisbury is situated on the north bank of the Petitcodiac River, approximately 25 km west of Moncton and Riverview.

4. Salisbury is called the “Home of the Silver Fox”, in reference to its role in adopting Silver Fox farming during the early 20th century (as was Alberton in Prince Edward Island).

5. The village features elementary, middle, and high schools, an outdoor swimming pool, as well as several family-owned shops and churches servicing the surrounding area.

6. There is also a Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron, 580 A/M Hugh Campbell Squadron.

7. Salisbury is a local service centre for several farming communities which are being transformed into commuter communities in the Petitcodiac River valley.

8. The village is served by Ambulance New Brunswick, Salisbury Fire & Rescue.

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