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21 Fascinating And Amazing Facts About Mienshao From Pokemon

Mienshao is a Fighting-type Pokémon introduced in Generation V. It evolves from Mienfoo starting at level 50. Take a look below for 21 fascinating and amazing facts about Mineshao.

1. Mienshao is a white and long bodies Pokemon with a small head and small, triangular ears.

2. Its forehead has a purple spot adorning it as well as a yellow one on its snout.

3. It possesses a pair of long, yellow tipped whiskers which have split ends.

4. Its arms are almost completely covered by a large amount of fur that is tipped in purple and split at the end.

5. Its torso has one purple ring of fur around its midsection.

6. It also has purple fur on the bottom section of the torso, which resemble pants, and its bottom paws are clawed.

7. It has a long, skinny tail that, like its paw fur, is tipped purple and split at its end.

8. Mienshao is respectful and is usually seen training with its Trainer.

9. Its arm fur is used as a weapon in battle and acts like a battle whip.

10. Before it attacks, it lets out a bizarre wail.

11. It then combos its attacks that are difficult to see and overwhelmingly unstoppable, and slowly stores up power for a finishing blow.

12. Mienshao seems to be based on an ermine and also seems to have drawn inspiration from whip fighting as well as a variety of martial arts, such as Shaolin Kung Fu.

13. The fur on its arms also resemble the shuixiu (水袖) or “water sleeves”, which are long, white, flowing sleeves used by performers of Chinese operas to express the emotions of their character.

14. Some stereotypical representations of Chinese martial artists also depict them wearing large and loose changshans, often with the sleeves covering their hands.

15. Mienshao may be a combination of ermine and Shaolin.

16. Mienshao debuted in Search for the Clubultimate!, under the ownership of Delbert. He used it in the first round of the Clubsplosion tournament; its opponent was Montgomery’s Throh, who was able to defeat Mienshao with a combination of Seismic Toss and Circle Throw.

17. A Mienshao appeared in Evolution by Fire!, under the ownership of Kylan. It was used in a Double Battle against Shamus’s Emboar and Heatmor, where it was partnered with Watchog; both were defeated.

18. A Mienshao appeared in Team Plasma’s Pokémon Power Plot! as a test specimen of Colress’s. It was forced to fight Axew, and was eventually released from Colress’ control when Team Rocket stole his data.

19. A Mienshao appeared in Smashing with Sketch!, under the ownership of Ikari. It competed with Ikari in a Poké Ping Pong rematch against Ilima and his Smeargle, but was defeated.

20. A Mienshao appeared in a fantasy in The Forest Champion!.

21. In Big City Battles, a Mienshao was briefly seen under the ownership of one of Castelia City’s residents.

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