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6 Fascinating And Amazing Facts About DeckerGreymon From Digimon

DeckerGreymon is an Enhancement Digimon. Take a look below for 6 fascinating and amazing facts about DeckerGreymon from Digimon.

1. It is the “Assault-strike Mode”, which added Deckerdramon’s offensive and assault abilities to MetalGreymon’s power, and is a form which has attained a balance between its offensive, defensive, and locomotive abilities.

2. DeckerGreymon’s comprehensive combat strength is equivalent to that of a battalion composed of 324 combat-model Digimon, so even if a hypothetical group of enemies tried to lie in wait for it, with its great firepower and tenacious defensive power, and its ability to cover ground without trouble from any kind of rough terrain, it will trample the enemy line in a violent assault.

3. It’s worth mentioning that it can “use multiple Special Moves against multiple opponents”, and thanks to this ability, DeckerGreymon can fight against an army corps even on its own.

4. Also, the energy that is enhanced within its body to its utmost limit grants DeckerGreymon a final bold move.

5. Even if you are able to take DeckerGreymon down, it isn’t finished.

6. The immense energy that is released all at once from DeckerGreymon’s body becomes a tremendous shock wave that scorches the earth for 10 km in every direction.

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