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30 Incredible And Crazy Facts About The Star Sign Scorpio

If you’re a follower of astrology or horoscopes, you will already know that there are thousands of different ways to interpret the stars. Millions of us read our horoscopes based around our birth dates. Depending on when in the year you are born, you will have specific star sign attached to you. For example, if you were born between October 23rdand November 21st, you will identify as a Scorpio, shown by the animal symbol of a scorpion – funnily enough! Take a look below for 30 incredible and crazy facts about the star sign Scorpio.

1. A Scorpio is likely to rebel. While they are fantastic at leading, encouraging, and inspiring people, they themselves may have a few conflicts with authority figures in their lives, especially if anything gets in the way of their pursuit for personal growth.

2. Scorpios hate superficial and artificial people. They want to connect with people who have their own drives and passions, and who strive to get as much out of life as they do. While there may not be any particular answer to the meaning of life, a Scorpio will try extremely hard to achieve this meaning through hard work and determination.

3. Scorpios tend to cope well with long-distance romance and partnerships. They are able to focus well on their own goals and ambitions while remaining fiercely loyal to their partners from afar. A Scorpio is a partner you can trust.

4. A Scorpio chooses their words carefully. They mean every sentence they speak, meaning that they have no time for those who focus on hollow thoughts and ideas.

5. Scorpios are afraid of betrayal. While no one likes to be betrayed, betrayal to a Scorpio is incredibly hurtful, and thus helps to drive their need for absolute faith and honesty from the people closest to them.

6. A Scorpio is unlikely to connect well with Leo and Aquarius, on the whole. There are occasions where these pairings will work, however, there are many personality clashes.

7. A Scorpio is likely to treasure being right – though this is never necessarily a negative trait! They value vindication and the knowledge that they are doing the right thing. It is all about self-assurance.

8. A Scorpio is likely to treasure a feeling of deep understanding. They want to make sure that the people around them understand how they feel and how they perceive things. This isn’t so easy to achieve all of the time, however, so things can get a little frustrating for them at times! However, learning to adapt along the way is key.

9. A negative trait which can befall some Scorpio people is stubbornness – similar to Taurus, Scorpio is a star sign which can inflict unwillingness to budge from time to time! However, that’s not to say that all Scorpios aren’t open to new ideas and change.

10. Famous Scorpios include Bill Gates, the hard-working head of Microsoft, who has been crowned the richest person in the world multiple times over. If that’s not a target for other Scorpios to reach, we’re not sure what is! Apple boss Tim Cook is also a Scorpio – there’s a pattern emerging here!

11. Scorpios tend to be very cool and collected at the best of times. When you upset a Scorpio, however, they will not hold back. They can have fierce temperaments, which help to make them all the more mysterious.

12. It’s thought that some of the best leaders are Scorpios – particularly as they are some of the most ambitious people around and are never likely to give up on a project that matters to them. This applies to leading teams, making money, and achieving the best things out of life!

13. Scorpios hate liars and all forms of dishonesty. Then again – who doesn’t? It’s not easy to pull the wool over a Scorpio’s eyes, and it’s likely recommended that you never try.

14. If you want to earn the trust and support of a Scorpio, honesty is the best policy. Scorpios are drawn to people who are honest and upfront in all that they do. Ultimately, they feel that it is best to keep things out in the open.

15. Scorpios are great at multi-tasking. They will often be extremely efficient in even the most mundane of tasks and activities, and what’s more, they will also work hard to offer as much expertise and skill across multiple areas at once. They really are can-do people.

16. A Scorpio is extremely resourceful. If one route for answers doesn’t pull through, they will strive to look for others. A Scorpio understands that life isn’t easy and that there are going to be challenges and setbacks. However, they love the journey along the way.

17. Some signs may find that Scorpios’ determination and life-filling focuses are quite exhausting! If you are more laid-back than anything else, a Scorpio may find your attitude frustrating. Try and meet them on the same level and find a real zest for life, even the darkest parts.

18. Scorpios, while known for being deeply loving and peaceful, can also offer strong emotions at the other end of the scale. However, they despise drama, and hate it when you avoid eye contact during confrontations. Face a Scorpio head-on, or not at all.

19. Scorpios show plenty of strong traits on the whole. They are known for being extremely independent and following their own path, though they are open to the guidance of others.

20. A Scorpio is likely to be in touch with their emotions, though as they can be hard to read as people, it is not always easy to tell how they are feeling. They may often display their emotions clearly but are just as likely to hide away at short notice.

21. Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto, which means that they are under heavy influence of regeneration and anonymity. This may, to some extent, help to explain the mysterious side to their natures.

22. Many people who are new to star signs and horoscopes may falsely assume that it is hard to trust a Scorpio. However, deep down, they are honest, caring, and will have your back. It just takes time to earn their trust and loyalty, which adds to their generally mysterious natures.

23. A Scorpio is very likely to offer up a lot of creative fun and plenty of interesting ideas. They can be very creative people, on the whole, meaning that if you need help with ideas for a project or to look at something in a whole new way, a Scorpio might be worth relying on.

24. Actors born in the Scorpio range include Anne Hathaway, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Whoopi Goldberg. Important figures from history such as Marie Curie and Christopher Columbus were also Scorpios, as was world-famous artist Pablo Picasso.

25. Scorpios are likely to love receiving sentimental items from loved ones. If there is a story behind a gift you give them, then they are likely to love it, no questions asked.

26. If you let a Scorpio down, you will never get a second chance again. They hold grudges – and if you dare to break trust or honesty, it will take a long time before you can rebuild that bridge.

27. Scorpios hate quitters. They are always keen to follow things through to the finish and are likely to want to keep pushing ahead even if they come across setbacks. This is also why they hate laziness and unnecessary dramatics.

28. Scorpios are fiercely loyal but will only ever give their loyalty to those who have earned it. This can take some time as you will need to show your unwavering respect and loyalty to a Scorpio in return!

29. Scorpios love to holiday in far-flung places and to escape to corners of the world they never thought they’d travel to. If there is an intriguing holiday prospect opening up to a Scorpio, you can be sure that they will seize it with both hands.

30. Scorpio has several lucky numbers, including 11 and 22. Therefore, if you are a Scorpio yourself, be sure to look out for them.

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