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17 Amazing And Awesome Facts About The Star Sign Gemini

If you were born between the dates of May 20th and June 20th, you are a Gemini according to the western zodiac. Gemini is a sign represented by twins, and as with the other 11 signs in the zodiac, there are thought to be plenty of different traits that people born during the Gemini period hold in common. Take a look below for 17 amazing and awesome facts about the star sign Gemini.

1. Gemini is a sign associated with the planet Mercury. It is one of the more complicated signs of the zodiac, generally lending itself to people who are very complex beneath the surface.

2. Geminis tend to be very independent, free thinkers – however, it’s also thought that they are perhaps prone to thinking too much at times!

3. A Gemini may be quick to change their mind at short notice, and often, they can be quite difficult to keep pace with – they are very energetic!

4. Gemini people tend to be among the most sociable in the zodiac. They thrive on company, and as such, they are often great friends to have around.

5. In fact, many people feel that Geminis make some of the best friends, in that they will fiercely stand up for what they believe in.

6. However, it is also thought that Gemini has a very mischievous side, which means that some more sensitive zodiac signs might find their attitudes a little hard to handle at first!

7. While Gemini people are extremely sociable, they are not afraid to fly solo. They tend to be very happy to look deep into themselves and to explore their inner feelings.

8. However, Gemini personalities can often have a hard time showing how they really feel. It’s thought that people with this sign are sometimes content to show off a front or a mask in order to shield their insecurities and inner feelings. So – they are happy to explore themselves, but some may not be too happy to show it all off right away.

9. Geminis are thought to be quick to annoy when it comes to people reacting personally to trivial issues. It’s thought that a Gemini likes to keep things simple, to a degree, and that unnecessary drama is a real bugbear.

10. Geminis tend to be intellectual and will therefore seek careers and pursuits which appeal to the mind and intellect. Therefore, they can be quite creative and innovative in their own way.

11. That said, a Gemini may not spend too much time fussing with the finer details. For example, a creative Gemini may be more focused on the bigger picture than sweating the small stuff.

12. That doesn’t mean Gemini will avoid solving problems. In fact, Gemini as a sign is thought to be a keen problem-buster, a great one to turn to if you have complex concerns or worries. As they think deeply about things more so than many other signs, they can be a good ally to have if your life is particularly complex.

13. Geminis tend to be very curious and are willing to try new things. They are attracted to people who will pique their interests and offer similar energy and intrigue. If there is anything that a Gemini loves, it is a mystery – as they will really throw themselves into solving a puzzle, even if it’s another person.

14. Gemini people tend to be good matches for Libra people, who offer a balanced attitude and plenty of interest.

15. A Gemini is not always going to react well to criticism. While they are willing to work well with others, they are often self-critical and navel-gazing, which means that they might not always be happy to take on too much feedback from other people.

16. Geminis tend to be at odds with Sagittarius people.

17. A Gemini is never likely to be bored, and if they are, they will strive to find a way to keep themselves occupied – as they generally hate having absolutely nothing to do! They need to keep their minds occupied.

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