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30 Amazing And Fun Facts About Doha

There’s so much to see and experience in Doha. From its modern architecture, lux shopping experiences to its world-class museums and markets, Doha won’t disappoint the traveller in search of adventure. With its perennially warm and sunny weather, it’s a great place to visit at most times of the year. Take a look below for 30 amazing and fun facts about Doha.

1. Qatar, officially the State of Qatar, is a country located in Western Asia with a total area of 11,586 km2.

2. Doha, Arabic Al-Dawḥah, is the capital city of Qatar.

3. Doha is the most populated city in Qatar located in the eastern part of the country on the coast of the Persian Gulf.

4. Doha was founded in the 1820s and was officially declared as the country’s capital in 1971 when Qatar gained independence from the British.

5. 99% of the country lives in the capital of Doha. Since the other part of the nation is just desert.

6. Population density is more concentrated within Doha municipality city limits, averaging 12,576 residents per square mile (4,859 per square kilometre).

7. There are two men for every woman in Doha. This is because Qatar is a land that was built by immigrants, and most of the immigrants were young males.

8. Arabic is official and English is the common language in the country and Riyal (QAR) is its official currency.

9. Local nicknames for Doha range from “City of Sports” to “Sandpit” and “Do’ Hell” for its fireball temperatures.

10. Situated on a shallow bay indented about 3 miles (5 km), Doha has long been a locally important port. Because of offshore coral reefs and shallow waters, it handled only small vessels until the completion of its deep-water port in the 1970s.

11. Once a sleepy pearling and fishing village, Doha had about 350 pearling boats at the beginning of the 20th Century.

12. Doha boasts it has the world’s greatest airline! Qatar Airlines have won the best airline award in the annual world airline awards for several years. If you visit Doha you’ll witness the greatness of this airline.

13. Hamad International Airport is considered one of the best in the world.

14. Doha is the home of the greatest underground stadium in the world. Qatar is set to hold the FIFA World Cup in 2022 and in preparation for the world cup, one of the greatest stadiums was built in Doha.

15. One of the favourite sports of the locals is camel racing.

16. Doha is the home of the famous tower, Aspire tower. This tower, which is also known as the Torch Doha, is one of the tallest buildings in the whole world.

17. Aspire Park, which is located in the Aspire Zone in the southern district of Al Waab in Doha, is the biggest park in Qatar. It covers an area of 88 hectares.

18. Dubai Tower Doha is a super-tall skyscraper with a roof height of 400 m under construction. The estimated cost of Dubai Tower Doha is 2.3 billion Qatari Riyal!

19. Widely considered one of the most striking buildings in Qatar, the Museum of Islamic Art should be on everyone’s Doha itinerary. It was designed by the world-renowned Chinese-American architect I. M. Pei.

20. The National Museum of Qatar in Doha opened to the public on 28 March 2019. The building was designed by the famous architect Jean Nouvel who got his inspiration from the desert rose crystal, which can be found in Qatar.

21. Doha film institute was established to help promote the growth of the local film community. This film institute produced the animated adaptations of the “Lion King”.

22. La Corniche, the 4-mile waterfront promenade with its breath-taking water views is a popular spot to explore some of Doha’s landmarks on foot.

23. One of the Middle East’s largest real-estate developments, the Pearl is situated on an artificial island in Doha’s West Bay Lagoon district. Its name refers to Qatar’s past as a pearl exporter. The area rests on a former pearl-diving hot spot.

24. For all of you in search of that unique photo from Doha, be sure to find the stunning replica of Venice’s Rialto Bridge in this area! Also, discover the vibrant architecture of this district, and enjoy the gorgeous Persian Gulf views!

25. The shopping scene in Doha is a mix of both traditional markets and upscale malls.

26. Souq Waqif (Souq means “market.”) in the city centre has been the heart of Doha for years and offers spices, handicrafts, and textiles. The area is also home to an art centre, boutique hotels, and tons of dining options.

27. Doha has numerous upscale shopping malls. One of the most unique is the Villagio Mall, which features an ice rink and indoor canals with gondolas.

28. Doha is recognized by the Guinness World Records as the site where Qatar Electricity and Water Corporation built the world’s biggest drinking water storage tank.

29. Doha is also credited with the longest drilled oil well anywhere, BD-04-A. Owned by Maersk Oil Qatar and Qatar Petroleum, the record oil well boasts a total length of 40,320 feet (12,289.5 meters) measured depth below the rotary table.

30. Doha ranks in the top 42% compared to 250 cities evaluated on its overall quality of life index in 2020. Doha scored relatively well on index factors such as safety, purchasing power, property price to income ratio, traffic commute time, and health care.

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