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28 Fun And Fascinating Facts About Aquaman

Aquaman is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. He was created by Paul Norris and Mort Weisinger and he first appears in More Fun Comics #73. During the late 1950s and 1960s, he was a founding member of the Justice League. Take a look below for 28 more fun and fascinating facts about Aquaman.

1. It’s generally accepted that Aquaman can lift well over 100 tons and his feats of strength include: tossing a tank, pushing a tectonic plate downward onto a trench, lifting a cruise liner, and sucker punching Superman, amongst many others. It would take reinforced barriers to have a chance of slowing him down.

2. He’s shown the strength to throw a submarine from the bottom of the ocean to the top of the ocean.

3. Being the King of Atlantis and of the Seven Seas, Aquaman has full control of all the Earth’s oceans. He literally reigns over 70% of the planet.

4. He’s shown the ability to swim faster than a hyper sonic jet without any visible strain.

5. To help him learn how to hone his gift of marine telepathy, Arthur’s father, Tom, would often place Arthur into a tank with some ill-tempered swordfish and have to convince them that he was not a threat before they started spearing his tiny body. Arthur grew up with electric eels and octopuses, and he became very used to the creatures and lost his fear of them, knowing that he could ask or convince them not to attack. He even became so comfortable with sharks that he’d ride them like horses as a kid.

6. Aquaman’s trident is indestructible, it can manipulate large masses of water, shoot powerful beams of energy and it can pierce Superman’s invulnerable skin.

7. Aquaman commands an army. His Atlantean soldiers are several times stronger than the average human and use weapons unlike anything known to the surface world military. They can even rival Wonder Woman’s Amazonian warriors.

8. He’s exceptional in martial arts and has trained with the Atlantean Army, the Justice League and The Others. He has an advanced strategic sense and natural leadership qualities, having led his army into battle multiple times, as well as leading the Justice League.

9. In the Silver Age, Aquaman had a weakness like Superman’s kryptonite and Green Lantern’s ineffectiveness against yellow. He had to come into contact with water every hour or he would die.

10. Arthur Curry once created Spindrift, which is a program that was meant to reunite humans and atlanteans. Black Manta ruined the program after he bombed the Spindrift facility.

11. Black Manta and Aquaman have a long history which began when Black Manta tried to take a young Arthur Curry’s blood and, in the ensuing struggle, Aquaman’s father died of a heart attack. In retaliation, Aquaman went after Black Manta and accidentally killed his father.

12. He’s durable enough to remain unaffected by the pressure of the deep ocean. This density to skin also makes him bulletproof.

13. Aquaman once threw an angry polar bear at a group of seal hunters who were illegally killing them to use their skin for clothes.

14. His sidekicks include Topo the Octopus, Tusky the Walrus, Porpy the Porpoise, and his trusty steed Storm, which is a giant seahorse.

15. Lobo claims that he could snap Aquaman’s neck but doesn’t because Aquaman told him that he was raised by dolphins and Lobo lobes dolphins.

16. Aquaman has punched Death in the face before.

17. Aquaman was once a representative of Atlantis in the United Nations.

18. Recently in DC Metal, Mongul forced Aquaman to wear armor that weakens his powers. Aquaman’s armor was forged in the fires of Apokolips.

19. Aquaman once accidentally became entangled in Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth and ended up inadvertently confessing his love for her.

20. Wife of Aquaman and former Queen of Atlantis, Mera is from Xebel, a water dimension inhabited by an exiled group of Atlanteans. Mera possesses qualities common to all Xebelians, but to a greater degree, especially her water control. She is even one of the fastest swimmers in the DC Universe, next to Aquaman, and was once a Red Lantern during the “Darkest Night” storyline.

21. Aquaman and Mera broke up for a short period of time, with Mera unwilling to forgive Aquaman for failing to keep their son alive.

22. Aquaman was able to pierce Darkseid’s chest with his trident.

23. Aquaman’s arch-enemy, the Black Manta, only became a super villain because Aquaman didn’t succeed in rescuing him after he was captured by pirates.

24. He isn’t afraid of killing his enemies. He once used his marine telepathy to order sharks to rip his foes apart. Because of this, he accidentally killed Black Mantas father, which Black Manta retaliated and killed his son.

25. Aquaman once used his telepathy to give White Martian a seizure.

26. Batman invented a water suit for Aquaman so that he could walk on land for an indefinite amount of time and was no longer vulnerable to a dehumidifier.

27. Although the story has changed so Aquaman was the son of the Queen of Atlantis and a human, in the original version, he was the son of the Queen of Atlantis and a wizard who abandoned him on a reef. He was then found by a group of dolphins and adopted by the Queen of the Dolphins.

28. Aquaman often fights against an enemy known as the Trench, which are one of the kingdoms and races that lived underwater before the seven kingdoms of Atlantis were plunged into the sea.

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