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28 Awesome And Interesting Facts About Slowbro From Pokemon

Slowbro is a dual type Water and Psychic Pokemon introduced in Generation I. It evolves from Slowpoke starting at level 37. It is one of Slowpoke’s final forms, the other being Slowking. It can Mega Evolve into Mega Slowbro using the Slowbronite. Take a look below for 28 awesome and interesting facts about Slowbro.

1. Slowbro is a bipedal, pink Pokemon with a tan, striped belly and a rounded, tan muzzle.

2. It has large, vacant eyes, curled ears, and two pointed teeth protruding from its upper jaw.

3. It has three clawed fingers on its hands and two clawed toes on its feet.

4. There is a Shellder attached to its tail.

5. This Shellder has a gray, spiral shell with darker gray spots and small eyes near the base. There are several spikes across the surface of the Shellder, and it holds onto Slowbro with many sharp teeth. Shellder developed its spiral form in an effort to suck more sweetness out of Slowbro’s tail.

6. If its tail or the Shellder attached to it is broken off, Slowbro will revert to its unevolved form, Slowpoke.

7. Slowbro has lost the capability to feel pain due to the Shellder’s poison. However, it apparently becomes inspired when the Shellder bites down on its tail.

8. While it is capable of unleashing powerful psychic attacks, Slowbro is typically rather peaceful and usually prefers not to fight.

9. Because it can no longer fish using its tail, it instead swims to catch its prey and allows the Shellder to feed on its leftover scraps.

10. Slowbro tends to live near ponds, lakes, and seashores.

11. When Slowbro Mega Evolves, it becomes engulfed by the Shellder so that only its head, arms, and white-tipped tail are visible.

12. Its head pokes out of the mouth of the Shellder and is surrounded by Shellder’s now larger teeth.

13. The spiral Shellder now has an opening at its tip, allowing the tail of Slowbro to stick out.

14. Mega Slowbro balances on its tail due to its legs being engulfed. It can move by bouncing, using its tail as a spring. The spikes on the Shellder are now reduced to four on the bottom section of its body and the dark spots only visible on its middle section.

15. Mega Slowbro’s energy has gathered into Shellder, which has increased its hardness. This allows it to act as an armor so hard that nothing can scratch it.

16. Slowpoke is virtually unchanged, but it gains some power and motivation from Shellder’s digestive fluids.

17. Despite it being a commonly known and accepted fact that Shellder triggers its evolution, mentioned in most of its Pokédex entries, Slowbro’s evolution from Slowpoke has nothing to do with Shellder in the core series, unlike how the evolution of Mantyke requires a Remoraid.

18. Mega Slowbro is tied with Cloyster for the highest base Defense stat of all Water-type Pokémon.

19. Mega Slowbro has the highest base Defense stat of all Psychic-type Pokémon.

20. Slowbro’s Pokédex entries state that if the Shellder is removed, it will revert to its Slowpoke form.

21. Many Pokémon are noted to evolve by two or more Pokémon combining, such as Metang being formed by two Beldum. However, the anime does not show this and simply spawns the second Pokémon out of nowhere: an example is Morrison’s Beldum, which simply evolved into Metang without the need of joining to another Beldum. The evolution of Slowpoke into Slowbro or Slowking is the only time that evolution by two Pokémon physically merging is shown.

22. Slowbro’s shell and lifestyle are somewhat similar to hermit crabs, though it is physically similar to giant otters, giant salamanders, and hippopotamuses.

23. Slowbro’s appearance may also be a reference to the mythical sazae-oni, a magical sea demon of Japanese folklore distinguished by its spiny “sazae” or “turban shaped” snail shell.

24. Its parasitic relationship with Shellder may be inspired by leeches. Interestingly enough, Slowbro is known as the Hermit Crab Pokémon and many real-world parasites, including leeches, often target crabs.

25. Slowbro is a combination of slow and bro (short for brother). It may just be used in a general sense, or it could refer to the brotherly/symbiotic relationship shared by the combined form of Slowpoke and Shellder.

26. A Slowbro appeared in The Evolution Solution, under the ownership of Professor Westwood V. It evolved from a Slowpoke at Seafoam Island, after which it defeated Team Rocket with a powerful Mega Punch while they were trying to steal Westwood V’s Pokémon.

27. A Slowbro appeared in The Mandarin Island Miss Match, under the ownership of Prima. She first used it to help Ash get his Charizard under control. She then used it as part of a lecture, during which it battled a Trainer’s Machamp and defeated it.

28. A Slowpoke evolved into Slowbro in Enlighten Up!. Afterwards, it defeated Team Rocket with Confusion and then used the same attack to return a giant, gold Slowpoke statue that Team Rocket had attempted to steal.

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