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28 Amazing And Interesting Facts About Abomasnow From Pokemon

Abomasnow is a dual type Grass and Ice Pokemon introduced in Generation IV. It evolves from Snover starting at level 40. It can Mega Evolve into Mega Abomasnow using the Abomasite. Take a look below for 28 amazing and interesting facts about Abomasnow.

1. Abomasnow is a large, bipedal creature covered in shaggy, white fur.

2. It has pale purple eyes with bushy eyebrows and long strands of fur covering its mouth.

3. Two tufts of longer fur grow on both its back and chest, with the chest fur being longer on the female.

4. Its hands, feet, and tail are dark green and spiky, similar to the foliage of an evergreen tree.

5. On its back are four green spikes that resemble pinecones.

6. Abomasnow lives in snowy mountains and appears only when snow flowers bloom.

7. Once the flowers die, it retreats to isolated areas.

8. It is able to create blizzards to hide itself. 

9. It can also cause whiteout conditions with just a shake of its massive body.

10. Abomasnow is also known as the “Ice Monster”.

11. It protects Snover from packs of Galarian Darumaka, who chase them for the Berries they grow; Abomasnow does so by swinging its arms like hammers.

12. The sprouts on its back grow into great shafts of ice when this Pokémon Mega Evolves into Mega Abomasnow. Its fur becomes longer and shaggy over its entire body, particularly around its head. Green fur or sprout remnants surround the base of the large icicles on its back, while white fur covers the middle.

13. Mega Abomasnow is the only Pokémon with a base stat total of 594.

14. Abomasnow is the first Pokémon by alphabetical order.

15. No other Pokémon share the same type combination as Abomasnow and its pre-evolution, Snover.

16. Abomasnow appears to be based on a cross between an evergreen tree covered in snow and a yeti. It may also be based on juhyou, trees completely covered in snow known as “snow monsters”.

17. Abomasnow is a shortening of the term Abominable Snowman, another name for the yeti.

18. Abomasnow made its television debut in Pikachu’s Ice Adventure, where it was fighting with a Froslass before they realized their quarrel was destroying several ice statues.

19. A female Abomasnow debuted in Classroom Training!, under the ownership of Candice. This also marked the species’ main series debut. She was one of the Pokémon that Candice used in the following episode, during her Gym battle against Ash. Abomasnow was able to knock out Staraptor and Grotle, but then ended up losing to Chimchar after it used Flame Wheel. She then reappeared in Double-Time Battle Training!, where she was used to demonstrate move combinations for Dawn. Abomasnow briefly reappeared again alongside Candice during the ending credits of Zoroark: Master of Illusions.

20. A male Abomasnow debuted in Survival of the Striaton Gym!, under the ownership of Morana. He had a battle against Cilan’s Pansage, but after a long and hard battle, it was defeated.

21. A male Abomasnow appeared in Over the Mountain of Snow!, where he was looking after a Snover that had become ill. With Clemont’s help, Snover became well again.

22. A male Abomasnow debuted in All Hail the Ice Battlefield!, under the ownership of Wulfric. He was used in a Gym battle against Ash. He battled Hawlucha, but was soon defeated. He reappeared during the rematch in A Real Icebreaker!, where he took on Talonflame and won. While battling Greninja, the latter transformed into Ash-Greninja. As a result, Wulfric Mega Evolved him into Mega Abomasnow, but despite this, he was eventually defeated. Abomasnow reappeared in Rocking Kalos Defenses! and Forming a More Perfect Union!, where he participated in the fight against the Giant Rock.

23. Abomasnow debuted in Giratina and the Sky Warrior, where it helped Ash’s friends stop a sliding glacier.

24. A Coordinator’s Abomasnow appeared in Dawn of a Royal Day!, where it was seen participating in the Battle Stage of the Arrowroot Town Pokémon Contest.

25. An Abomasnow appeared in the opening sequence of Zoroark: Master of Illusions.

26. An Abomasnow that can Mega Evolve into Mega Abomasnow appeared in the opening of Mega Evolution Special I, where it was seen battling a Mega Gyarados.

27. An Abomasnow appeared in Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel.

28. An Abomasnow appeared during a flashback in This Magik Moment!, where she was seen fighting a Froslass. Their clash triggered a blizzard that prevented a plane carrying three Pokémon stars from arriving at Alola.

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