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26 Interesting And Fascinating Facts About Chad Robert Kroeger

Chad Robert Kroeger is a Canadian musician and producer, best known as the lead vocalist and guitarist for the Canadian rock band Nickelback. In addition to his work with Nickleback, Kroeger has been involved with a variety of collaborations, appearing as a guest musician in several songs and has contributed in both production and songwriting. Take a look below for 26 more interesting and fascinating facts about Chad Robert Kroeger.

1. Kroeger was born Chad Robert Turton in Hanna, Alberta, on November 15, 1974.

2. His maternal grandfather was Alberta MLA Henry Kroeger, who was born in Moscow, Russia, to a Mennonite family of German descent.

3. After his father left the family when he was two, he started going by his mother’s maiden name of Kroeger. He learned to play the guitar at age 13.

4. In the early 1990s, Kroeger was part of a grunge cover band, The Village Idiots, with his cousin Brandon Kroeger and future Nickelback members bassist Mike Kroeger (his brother) and singer Ryan Peake.

5. In 1995, Kroeger, Peake, Mike Kroeger, and then drummer Brandon Kroeger, formed the band Nickelback. Kroeger has continued to record and tour with this successful band for more than 20 years.

6. In 2001, Kroeger, with the help of lawyer Jonathan Simkin, founded the band The Suits XL.

7. Band members included Sam Loubier-Demers and Yohann Gosselin on vocals and guitars, drummer Patrick Paquet, keyboardist Felix-Antoine Berube and singer Oliver Roy de Belleval.

8. The next year, he co-founded the Vancouver, British Columbia-based 604 Records.

9. Later, in 2006, The Suits XL released an album through this label.

10. The next year the band was nominated for a Canadian Indie Award.

11. Kroeger produced music for the bands Default, Theory of a Deadman, and Bo Bice.

12. Kroeger, along with Saliva vocalist Josey Scott, Theory of a Deadman lead vocalist, serving as guitarist for this track, Tyler Connolly and Our Lady Peace drummer Jeremy Taggart, performed the theme song titled “Hero” for the hit movie “Spider-Man” in 2002.

13. Kroeger recommended The Calling’s Alex Band, another Arista artist, as a replacement for re-recording the single.

14. In 2003, Kroeger won an International Achievement Award for the song “Hero” at the SOCAN Awards in Toronto.

15. In 2007, Chad Kroeger worked with Santana for a second time, when he co-wrote and recorded guitar and vocals parts for a new song meant to appear on the compilation album “Ultimate Santana.”

16. The album “Ultimate Santana” was released in October.

17. Besides working with Santana, Kroeger also recorded with Travis Tritt on his album “The Storm,” where Tritt did a cover of Nickelback’s “Should’ve Listened” track from “The Long Road.”

18. Kroeger also wrote and played guitar on Bo Bice’s “You’re Everything.”

19. Chad Kroeger, Eric Dill, Rune Westberg and Chris Daughtry wrote the debut single of Daughtry’s new album.

20. In 2008, Kroeger was convicted of drunk driving in a British Columbia court after he was stopped for speeding in Surrey.

21. Kroeger started dating fellow Canadian rocker Avril Lavigne on July 1, 2012.

22. The relationship blossomed after they began working together in March 2012 to write and record music for Lavigne’s fifth album. Kroeger and Lavigne became engaged in August 2012.

23. The couple married in the south of France on July 1, 2013, which is Canada Day.

24. Lavigne and Kroeger honeymooned in Portofino, Italy.

25. In September 2014, the entertainment media began reporting that Lavigne and Kroeger were headed for separation after only one year of marriage. On September 2, 2015, Lavigne announced their separation via her official Instagram account.

26. In 2015, the second leg of the band’s North American tour had to be canceled so Kroeger could have surgery for a cyst on his larynx.  

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