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25 Interesting And Awesome Facts About Frillish From Pokemon

Frillish is a dual-type Water/Ghost Pokémon introduced in Generation V. It evolves into Jellicent starting at level 40. Take a look below for 25 interesting and awesome facts about Frillish.

1. Frillish is a jellyfish like Pokemon resembling young royalty.

2. Regardless of gender, it has a round head with a crown-like tuft, and five tentacle-like appendages: two serving as arms and three as the lower half of its body.

3. It has oval eyes with white pupils, and a collar around its neck.

4. It has invisible poison spikes on its appendages.

5. As a male Frillish, it is blue, with smooth appendages and a triangular crown.

6. It has red eyes with blue sclerae and a straight eyelash on each eye, its collar is wavy, and it appears to be frowning, but in the anime it is shown to smile rarely.

7. As a female Frillish, it is pink, with wavy appendages and a round crown.

8. It has blue eyes with red sclerae and a curled eyelash on each eye, its collar is frilled, and it appears to be smiling.

9. Female Frillish have slightly longer stingers, while male Frillish have bigger collars.

10. Frillish is a hadopelagic Pokémon which lives in dens about 5 miles (8 kilometers) under the sea surface.

11. Because of this, it can cope with extremely dark and highly pressurized sea conditions.

12. It is carnivorous; it gently floats around in waves until it can strike its prey.

13. It makes its victim numb with the use of its poison spikes and takes it to its deep den.

14. Its arms are filled with tens of thousands of poisonous stingers.

15. There is a legend where Frillish are said to have been created from transformed residents of a sunken ancient city.

16. The Japanese prototype name for Frillish was プルンス Purunsu.

17. Although female Dream World artwork exists, any Frillish or Jellicent uploaded to the Global Link will use the male artwork, regardless of their gender.

18. No other Pokémon have the same type combination as Frillish and its evolved form.

19. Frillish and its evolved form were most likely inspired by the Nurarihyon, a jellyfish yōkai that is either shown as a demonized jellyfish or as a jellyfish-like man who wears refined, sometimes regal, clothing.

20. It is also possible that they was inspired by the Kurage no Hinotama, a type of jellyfish-like will-o’-the-wisp. The two larger arms Frillish possesses are more similar to those of squids than the tentacles of real jellyfish, however.

21. Frillish’s design is inspired by the jellyfish and Victorian-style monarch attire: the male form’s appearance based on a prince’s while the female’s is based on a princess’. The moon jellyfish appears to be what inspired Frillish’s Ghost type. Frillish and its evolved form also have traits in common with sea monsters like the Kraken, most notably their rumored penchant for destroying ships and feeding on the crew.

22. Frillish may be a combination of frill and jellyfish.

23. Jessie owns a female Frillish, which debuted in New Places… Familiar Faces!. She eventually had to give Frillish to Giovanni as a sign that they accomplished something in Unova.

24. A male Frillish debuted in A Rival Battle for Club Champ!, under the ownership of Trip. He used Frillish in his match against Ash, and he was able to defeat both Pidove and Snivy, despite having a disadvantage against the latter in both type and gender.

25. A female Frillish debuted in A Fishing Connoisseur in a Fishy Competition!. She took a liking to Ash after he fell into the canal. She was later hooked by Bianca during a fishing competition, and when she saw Team Rocket attempting to kidnap the prize Pokémon, she released them all back into the wild.

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