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25 Fun And Interesting Facts About Nidoran♂ From Pokemon

Nidoran♂ is a Poison type Pokemon introduced in Generation I. It evolves into Nidorino starting at level 16, which evolves into Nidoking when exposed to a Moon Stone. Take a look below for 25 fun and interesting facts about Nidoran♂.

1. Nidoran♂ is a small, quadruped rodent like Pokemon.

2. It is pinkish purple with darker patches.

3. It has large, spiny ears with teal insides, oversized front teeth, and red eyes.

4. Its back is covered with three lines of large spines that can release potent poisons if threatened.

5. The center line of spines is taller than the other two.

6. The size of the long, pointed horn on its forehead is indicative of the strength of its venom.

7. Nidoran♂ is an exclusively male Pokémon, Nidoran♀ being its female counterpart.

8. Nidoran♂ constantly listens for the sounds of approaching enemies with its large ears.

9. Said ears have unique muscles that allow them to be moved in any direction, and even the slightest sound does not escape Nidoran♂’s notice.

10. In order to listen to distant locations, it flaps its ears like wings.

11. When angry, it extends its toxic spikes and charges, stabbing with its horn to inject poison.

12. Nidoran♂ lives in open spaces, such as savannas and plains.

13. Nidoran was the first Pokémon to feature gender differences, or even gender at all.

14. Despite the addition of genders in all Pokémon starting in Generation II, the two variations of Nidoran remained separate species, rather than a singular species that splits down different evolution paths based on gender.

15. When an Egg is produced from Nidoran and Ditto parents, the gender ratio of the Egg favors the gender of the non-Ditto parent by an unknown margin.

16. A Nidoran♀ Egg has a chance of hatching into a Nidoran♂ when bred with a non-Nidoran♂ compatible father.

17. Nidoran♂’s alternate coloration is similar to Nidoran♀’s normal coloration. The same goes for Nidoran♀ .

18. Nidoran♂ shares its category name with Nidorino, Nidoran♀, Nidorina, Poipole, and Naganadel. They are all known as the Poison Pin Pokémon.

19. Due to the fact that its gender, ♂, is included in its name, checking Nidoran♂’s summary from Generation II onward will display as if it were genderless if it does not have a nickname. If its nickname is anything other than “Nidoran♂”, its gender will appear as normal.

20. Nidoran♂ is the only Pokémon with a base stat total of 273.

21. Nidoran♂ appears to draw inspiration from hamsters, rabbits, mice, or – given their aggressive nature towards one another – porcupines, with aspects of venomous mammals.

22. However, anatomically they are arguably most like hyraxes – small, rodent-like mammals that are genetically more closely related to much larger mammals like elephants and manatees featuring thickset bodies with tough hides (similar to Nidorino and Nidoking).

23. Nidoran♂ may be derived from needle.

24. It may also come from cnidocyte, a type of venomous cell responsible for the stings delivered by stinging animals, most notably jellyfish.

25. A Nidoran couple appeared Wherefore Art Thou, Pokémon?, where they were in love with one another, much to the dismay of their Trainers, who hated one another. After the battle with Team Rocket, upon which she kissed Emily’s Nidoran♀, Ralph’s Nidoran♂, nicknamed Tony, evolved into a Nidorino.

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