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25 Awesome And Interesting Facts About Jigglypuff From Pokemon

Jigglypuff is a dual type Normal and Fairy Pokemon introduced in Generation I. Prior to Generation VI, it was a pure Normal type Pokemon. It evolves from Igglybuff when leveled up with high friendship and evolves into Wigglytuff when exposed to a Moon Stone. Take a look below for 25 awesome and interesting facts about Jigglypuff.

1. Jigglypuff is a pink Pokemon with a spherical body.

2. It has pointed ears with black insides and large, blue eyes.

3. It has small, stubby arms and slightly longer feet.

4. On top of its head is a curled tuft of fur on the top of its head.

5. Its body is filled with air and, as seen in Pokémon Stadium, Jigglypuff can deflate until it is flat.

6. It is able to float by drawing extra air into its body, as demonstrated in Super Smash Bros.

7. Jigglypuff uses its eyes to mesmerize opponents.

8. Once it achieves this, it will inflate its lungs and begin to sing a soothing lullaby. 

9. If the opponent resists falling asleep, Jigglypuff will endanger its own life by continuing to sing until it runs out of air.

10. It is able to adjust the wavelength of its voice to match the brain waves of someone in a deep sleep. This helps ensure drowsiness in its opponents.

11. Its vocal range exceeds 12 octaves, but its skill depends on the individual.

12. Its song varies by region, and in some areas, it sounds like shouting.

13. Jigglypuff can mostly be found in lush green plains and grassy meadows.

14. Jigglypuff is typically depicted in the Smash Bros. series and Ken Sugimori’s art with green eyes and tea rose pink fur, more closely resembling its Shiny form. It also appeared with green eyes in Rough, Tough Jigglypuff and The Legend of Thunder!.

15. Jigglypuff and its evolutionary relatives share their category name with Qwilfish and Drifloon. They are all known as the Balloon Pokémon.

16. Jigglypuff appears to be based on a balloon and a pink puff.

17. Jigglypuff is a combination of jiggly and puff, referring to its wobbly shape and ability to inflate itself.

18. Jigglypuff debuted in The Song of Jigglypuff. From this episode through the end of the original series, it followed Ash and his friends, intent on performing its trademark song without causing its audience to fall asleep. It rarely, if ever, succeeded. Jigglypuff would scribble all over the faces of anyone who fell asleep after hearing the song.

19. After Johto, Jigglypuff started to only appear very rarely, being featured in one early Advanced Generation series episode. After a long absence, Jigglypuff reappeared in Alola, Kanto! and When Regions Collide!, where it was seen sleeping on top of the plane that Ash and his classmates were flying on back to Alola, and has made semi-regular appearances since then.

20. A giant Jigglypuff appeared at the end of The Ancient Puzzle of Pokémopolis, where it helped put the giant Gengar and Alakazam to sleep.

21. A Jigglypuff, nicknamed Pink, appeared in The Legend of Thunder!, under the ownership of Marina. She used it to battle Jimmy’s Beedrill and in a Pokémon Contest with Wani-Wani later on.

22. A Jigglypuff appeared in Rough, Tough Jigglypuff. Mitch Mitchum wanted to catch it for his daughter’s birthday and eventually caught it with Loudred.

23. A Jigglypuff appeared in Yes in Dee Dee, It’s Dawn!, under the ownership of Ursula. She used it during the Double Performance required for the Daybreak Contest, where it performed alongside her Gabite.

24. A Jigglypuff appeared in Performing with Fiery Charm!, under the ownership of Gena. It and its Trainer judged the baking during the Theme Performance of the Dendemille Showcase Rookie Class.

25. A Trainer’s Jigglypuff appeared in I Choose You!. It battled Ash’s Charmander, causing it to evolve into Charmeleon.

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