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25 Awesome And Amazing Facts About Mandibuzz From Pokemon

Mandibuzz is a dual-type Dark/Flying Pokémon introduced in Generation V. It evolves from Vullaby starting at level 54. Take a look below for 25 awesome and amazing facts about Mandibuzz.

1. Mandibuzz is a vulture like Pokemon, particularly resembling a turkey vulture.

2. It has a bare, pink head and neck, along with a notched black beak and red eyes.

3. There are black eyelashes or eyeliner-like markings above its eyes.

4. A long brown tuft with a bone in the middle extends from the back of its head.

5. It has a tan ruff at the base of its neck, and shaggy darker brown wings with gray tips.

6. Mandibuzz also has shaggy brown tail feathers. 

7. Its pink feet have black talons.

8. It has decorated itself with bones — a jaw with sharp teeth — to form a skirt.

9. Different types of bones fall in and out of use as if there were fashion trends among Mandibuzz.

10. Mandibuzz lives in nests made from the bones it finds.

11. Weakened prey such as Cubone is dragged back to this nest after Mandibuzz swoops down on it from the sky.

12. Mandibuzz is a female-only species, although it dresses attractively in bones as a fruitless attempt to attract mates.

13. Despite Special Attack being its lowest stat, Mandibuzz awards Special Attack EVs when defeated.

14. According to interviews with Ken Sugimori in Nintendo Dream, Vullaby and Mandibuzz were added late into the development of Black and White. When Mandibuzz was originally created by James Turner, it was unrelated to Braviary, but it was later decided to use its design as a counterpart to Braviary.

15. Mandibuzz and Vullaby can be seen as counterparts to Braviary and Rufflet. Mandibuzz and Braviary share a base stat total of 510, evolve from their pre-evolutions starting at level 54, and are both part Flying. Mandibuzz and Vullaby are exclusive to Black, Black 2, Moon, Ultra Moon and Shield, while Braviary and Rufflet are to White, White 2, Sun, Ultra Sun and Sword. Whereas Mandibuzz and Vullaby can only be female, Braviary and Rufflet can only be male.

16. Mandibuzz is based on an Old World vulture, most closely resembling a lappet-faced vulture with the prominent ruff of a white-rumped vulture.

17. Its design also bears resemblance to stereotypical “savages”, barbarians, or cavemen. The row of teeth around its waist resembles an apron.

18. Mandibuzz may be a combination of mandible or mandil and buzzard.

19. Two Mandibuzz made their main series debut in Meowth’s Scrafty Tactics!. One of the Mandibuzz had eaten the other’s food without her permission, causing her to get kicked out of the nest. As a result, she was forced to take the den belonging to a wild Scrafty. However, she was later defeated by Scraggy’s newly learned High Jump Kick, allowing Scrafty to reclaim its den.

20. A Mandibuzz appeared in Scraggy and the Demanding Gothita!, under the ownership of Katharine. She was one of the Pokémon Katharine offered to trade Ash for his Scraggy. Mandibuzz was later used in a battle against Tepig, which she lost.

21. Mandibuzz debuted in White—Victini and Zekrom and Black—Victini and Reshiram. In Black—Victini and Reshiram, Ash spotted a Mandibuzz soaring in the sky while walking on a trail with Iris and Cilan.

22. A Mandibuzz appeared in PK22.

23. A Mandibuzz appeared in Chasing Memories, Creating Dreams!, where she attacked Gladion and his Umbreon, but was quickly driven off.

24. Multiple Mandibuzz appeared in The Uprising, under the ownership of some Team Plasma Grunts. They were used to battle Iris and the Unova Gym Leaders at N’s Castle.

25. A Mandibuzz appeared in Clash! White Hero vs Black Hero.

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