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23 Awesome And Fun Facts About Vullaby From Pokemon

Vullaby is a dual-type Dark/Flying Pokémon introduced in Generation V. It evolves into Mandibuzz starting at level 54. Take a look below for 23 awesome and fun facts about Vullaby.

1. Vullaby resembles a baby vulture.

2. It has a plump, stout body covered in dark gray feathers, tiny wings with gray tips, and pink feet with three clawed toes.

3. Its neck is short and supports a round, pink head devoid of any feathers, except for a crest on the top.

4. There is a collar of fluffy, light gray feathers around its neck.

5. It has a small gray beak and red eyes.

6. Vullaby protect their rear by wearing a cracked skull as a diaper-like undergarment, hence its categorization.

7. Vullaby either finds this bone itself or uses one found for it by Mandibuzz.

8. Its large appetite results in large growth sports, resulting in Vullaby having to replace their bones, and they often pass older bones down to smaller Vullaby.

9. Vullaby often start petty chats with their own kind on which bones are the most comfortable.

10. Vullaby is known to chase after weaker creatures.

11. Vullaby is a female-only species.

12. Vullaby may be considered a counterpart of Rufflet. Vullaby and Rufflet can evolve starting at level 54 and are both part-Flying. Vullaby are exclusive to Black, Black 2, Moon, and Ultra Moon; while Rufflet are exclusive to White, White 2, Sun, and Ultra Sun. Whereas Vullaby can only be female, Rufflet can only be male.

13. Vullaby and its evolved form were created by James Turner.

14. Despite Vullaby’s wings being too undeveloped to let it fly, according to its Pokédex entries, it can still learn Fly and Brave Bird.

15. Vullaby is based on a vulture chick.

16. Vullaby may be a combination of vulture and lullaby (which are often sung to children) or baby.

17. Vullaby debuted in Unrest at the Nursery!, where she was a Pokémon in the daycare belonging to Layla and usually got into a fight with Rufflet. Their fight ended after Rufflet saved her from a trio of Amoonguss.

18. A Vullaby appeared in the opening sequence of Kyurem VS. The Sword of Justice.

19. Two Vullaby appeared in Rocking Clawmark Hill! as some of the Pokémon training up on Clawmark Hill. One of them was seen fighting a Boldore.

20. A Trainer’s Vullaby appeared in Battle Royal 151!, where it competed in the Battle Royal preliminary round of the Manalo Conference but ended up losing off-screen.

21. A Vullaby appeared in The Case of the Missing Pokémon, where she was one of the Pokémon kidnapped by Team Plasma. She was later found in a stronghold and returned to her Trainer.

22. White caught a Vullaby, which she nicknames Barbara. White casts Barbara for her villainous roles. She first appeared in With a Little Help from My Friends.

23. Four Vullaby appeared in A Lost Melody.

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