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25 Amazing And Interesting Facts About Bath, New Brunswick, Canada

The village of Bath, New Brunswick is located on the Saint John River in Carleton County, New Brunswick, Canada. As of the Canada 2016 Census it had a population of 476. Take a look below for 25 amazing and interesting facts about Bath, New Brunswick, Canada.

1. The mayor is Troy F. J. Stone.

2. Bath is widely known as the Monquart.

3. Bath is also famous for the annual “Bath Fall Fair” which takes place every Labour Day with a parade and fair and to end the night fireworks.

4. Soldiers from the War of 1812 first settled in the area.

5. Historically, Bath has been largely dependent on the St. John River as means of communication with other areas in the province, hydropower and transportation.

6. Transportation in Bath changed drastically by the addition of railway in the 1870s, residents of the village were now able to travel via rail instead of the river.

7. The railway brought growth to Bath with the new retail stores, axe factory, four hotels and blacksmith shop opening as a result of the railway.

8. The economy in Bath has taken a downfall in recent years. Small businesses are scattered around the village and are the backbone of Bath.

9. There is only one restaurant in Bath, New Brunswick; Diner Down Under. The eatery offers a family dining experience. The other restaurant, “The Monquarter” is now permanently closed since early 2018.

10. Two hair dresser options for the residents of Bath including Shape and Shear and Frank’s Barber Shop.

11. Bank of Nova Scotia is the only bank in Bath.

12. Bath is within the region of New Brunswick referred to as the ‘Bible Belt’, and it has a high number of churches in relation to the small population of the area.

13. The Bath Community School currently enrolls 188 students from Kindergarten to grade 8.

14. The school is in the Anglophone West School District.

15. The Bath Elementary School was recently closed and students moved to the Bath Middle School directly beside.

16. This “new” school was named Bath Community School and the current Principal is Jason Smith.

17. The Bath Community School is receiving $250,000 investment from the provincial government to aid in planning of upcoming renovations. The funds will be directed to the 2017-2018 capital budget.

18. Government type for Bath is Mayor-council. Troy Stone is the elected Mayor of Bath with Chrles McNair as Deputy Mayor and Barb McIntosh and Jodi O’Neill as Councillors.

19. The Member of Parliament for the Tobique-Mactuquac riding in the House of Commons of Canada is TJ Harvey. As a Canadian Liberal TJ became federal representation for residents of Bath, New Brunswick in the 2015 elections.

20. Member of Legislative Assembly for the Carleton-Victoria riding is Andrew Harvey. Elected in 2014, Andrew Harvey serves the residents of Bath on a provincial level. Andrew Harvey is the New Brunswick Minister of Agriculture, Mines and Rural Affairs.

21. Bath is fortunate enough to have active charitable organizations in the village that work hard towards the betterment of the community.

22. The Knights of Columbus is an international group of Catholic men taking charitable action. Charity is their main focus and the organization works hard to improve quality of life in Bath and surrounding areas. The Grand Knight of the Bath branch is Hermel Langlais.

23. The Lions Club is the largest service club organization. The club has multiple projects in the village all directed towards charitable actions. The President of the Bath Lions Club is Gerald Sullivan.

24. The River View Manor is a non-profit and registered charitable organization located in Bath, New Brunswick. The River View Manor opened in 1981 and is a beneficial contributor to the village of Bath economy. There are 39 residents in the manor and over 50 employees.

25. River Run is a recently established tradition for the Village of Bath. Kayaks and canoes paddle down the St. John River each year on New Brunswick day from Bath to the next town, Florenceville-Bristol.

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